Monday, November 30, 2009

How I Named My Blog Day


I haven't used the handheld in a while, so now with its dead battery it looks lifeless and cold.

It feels like years but has really only been 2 1/2 weeks since I woke up in a berserk middle-of-the-night frenzy and offered a reward - I mean award - to my favorite post for How I Named My Blog day, and then in the rational light of day withdrew the award, because I don't like "winners and losers" or awards of any kind! In spite of being browbeaten with exclamation points, several friends nicely agreed to post their blog naming story today, and you can find their links below. It's almost December 1, and soon I'll be trotting off to see if they remembered, and read them. Who knows, there may be others joining this grand event who aren't on the list!

Here's mine.


Why "synch-ro-ni-zing" and is it the same as "synchronicity"?

Thank you for asking. Oh, wait, I asked.

When I began blogging almost four years ago in January 2006, I had just gotten a new Dell laptop as my primary work computer, with a port for easy connections, and a cute little handheld electronic planner - yes the one in the photo above. It used to be so vibrant and alive! With friends and colleagues I felt both urbane and sheepish whipping it out to see if I was free on a certain date. But it really was handy. At the end of the work day, I inserted the handheld into its stand, and a box popped up on my monitor screen that said "synchronizing" - and the information was exchanged.

Starting my blog at that time, I liked how the concept was like writing poetry: linking things that might not seem alike at first view. So, synch-ro-ni-zing is synchronized with synchronizing. Cool.

The only blogger I knew then was my sister, Ginnie. Hers is called In Soul where she shows her comings and goings and the soulfulness within them. I don't think she's explaining hers today, because she's too busy packing up and moving to Amsterdam this week, a supremely soulful event for her. I had not considered starting a blog myself.

Until one white winter day I took Don's camera outside and suddenly thought how fun it would be to publish a photograph of our Adirondack chairs in the snow.

Oh dear! I just saw that all the comments at my old posts are GONE! I wonder how far back they've disappeared?
I went to Blogger because Ginnie used it and taught me a lot, and I've been with them ever since, but wow does my blog look different today than it did then. I think I've gone through at least two Minima templates with a couple of different color schemes before settling on this simple white room.
TO THE CREW again:
For over a week now I haven't been able to edit posts here st synch-ro-ni-zing; I still can't delete that duplicate Thanksgiving post. I've told your superiors about this! Hey, I can call my dear friends Larry Page's parents who live next door practically. Who are they, you ask? You don't know the founder of Google's parents?
But for the most part, Blogger has been super easy and offers flexibility and helpful tools. Ginnie taught me to create a non-public "test blog" that looks identical to this one, where I write drafts, upload photos, tweak, pinch and squeeze before copying and pasting the HTML into a synch-ro-ni-zing post. Even though I can't edit synch-ro-ni-zing posts right now, I can still edit posts at my test blog, thankfully.

To synchronize means to bring things into the same moment, like when you synchronize watches. Synchronicity is slightly different - though from the same root -

( says: 1615–25; Gk synchronízein to be contemporary with, equiv. to sýnchron(os))
- and has a deeper meaning in the "acausal coincidence of occurances," a la Carl Jung. The link in his name explains the story when "synchronicity" began, about a patient at an impasse in treatment who dreamt of a golden scarab, then during their session the next day a rare golden scarab knocked against Dr. Jung's window screen. You can read more there on what he did with the coincidence. I love it when other bloggers post similar topics the same day (like today! I MADE synchronicity happen; I synchronized synchronicity), or comment that they just had an experience related to mine. That used to happen a lot with Letty at freefalling in Australia, as if we were freefalling through a worm hole from opposite sides of the planet toward each other. I like feeling connected with Letty and other friends around the world like that, but I'd need Dr. Jung to explain what it means.

synch-ro-ni-zing's topics are all over the place, but when I sit down to a new post, I bring a couple of things together in a moment. I think I added the hyphens to give a little hint that it isn't the same as synchronicity, but as I said, I like it when synchronicity happens too.
Here are the other How I Named My Blog participants who so agreeably agreed to tell their story, in the order they signed on. What will we find? Freefalling worm holes? I get inspired every day by other bloggers. Thanks to you all!

soeurs du jour
(Margie & Kath - are they really soeurs?)

The Cul-de-sac Chronicles
(Bella Rum - does she live on one?)

Bug's Eye View
(Dana - is she extra short?)

The Marmelade Gypsy
(Jeanie - is that all she eats?)

Amuse Me
(M - is her life sadly lacking entertainment?)

What I Really Mean
(Carolyn - is she often misunderstood?)

Beetle's humour
(Babs - no mystery, she is funny)

(CG - on a lake?)

Icono-Curmudgeon-Clast - Loring Wirbel's Rants
(Loring - did he make up that word?)

Turning Iwatean
(Kanmuri - what is an Iwat?)

Peter's Paris
(Peter - really, I thought it was mine?)

Split in Two
(Judy - which one is blogging?)

(Annie - is that a village, a metropolis or a country?)

An Explorer's View of Life
(Barry - like Lewis & Clark?)

where there are no chickadees
(Purest Green - oh that's sad!)

On the edge of the chair of literature
(Gayle - mmm, read to me)

Bear Swamp Reflections
(Susan - Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

Picturing the Year
(Oliag - what does a year look like?)

bluebirds living in the meadow
(Jean - oh I could have named mine that too!)

(Kenju - ok!)

(Linda - is there a house?)

future of my past
(Anna MR - is she playing with my mind?)

The Task at Hand
(Linda - she is clever if this is about varnishing boats!)

(Nancy - is this Judy's other half?)

Going Out on a Limb
(Trudi - to blog, or not to blog?)

be yourself . . . everyone else is taken
(Beth - is she talking to herself?)

Pink Graffiti
(Lesley - teehee, that's her in the pink plaid pajamas
Thanksgiving weekend, synchronizing with a chicken)



The Bug said...

Your story is MUCH more interesting than mine! My post will show up around 8:00 tomorrow...

I am, in fact, somewhat short - 5'4", but that's not QUITE as small as a bug :)

Unknown said...

great post, my mommy! i love thinking about bringing two different things together, and i will really look for those things in your posts now.

i just finished posting my story! i remembered a lot and i think you'll like it. :)

thanks for sharing and for hosting such a wonderful blog post idea!

rauf said...

Thankfully no one asked what is 'Daylight Again' Ruth, and i had nothing to say. Chinna told me about a thing called blog where you register with google have your own page.

i was not sure what i would do with the blog. But i was sure about one thing. i would not teach or preach or claim i am right and rest of the world is wrong. i wanted to present myself as i am with all my shortcomings and not as a Saint. And i was so sure that i can never be a writer, had no delusions about that. i decided that i would talk to my friends in my own language my own style and slang good or bad, right or wrong, the way i physically talk with my friends.

'Daylight Again' is the title of my favourite album by CSN. Nothing more to it Ruth. 'Seventh Sojourn' was the next choice, a Moody Blues album. But why seventh why not eighth ? so i dropped it and stuck to Daylight Again.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I enjoy your blog. I always think of synchronise swimming.

Anonymous said...

Posted! Good thing you posted about it, I had totally forgotten and it's already December 1st here in Japan!!

shoreacres said...

Oh, my! 1:45 a.m. There's nothing quite like writing on deadline, eh?

But I remembered and got it done - and had rather a good time with it. I can't wait to read all the others - and find out why that beetle is running around your post. But not now... I hear my pillow calling!

Bagman and Butler said...

This is a great theme. I may answer it sometime, although I guess I do in my header. I have always wondered about your blogs name. Now I know.

VioletSky said...

Mine is posted - forgot to tell you I would - but it is sortof rambling... and not quite as erudite as yours.

*jean* said...

mine's up and ready to go! how fun to learn more about you and your blog...and how fun that so many people in your family blog! i'm sooo glad that blogger made you a blog of note!


ps. i really like that flannels + green tennies....perfect for this time of year!! :o)

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I agree with your first commenter. Yours is so much more interesting than mine! I found out about this from Babs at Beetle Blog. Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. I posted how my blog name came to be this morning.

It IS synchronicity (a day late for me!)

Unknown said...

See, I knew your explanation would be fascinating and thought-provoking! Are you ever boring?!!! :)

That's a lot of participation! Thanks for giving me the impetus to 'splain the name!

Kat said...

Hey, I have those very same PJ bottoms!! Love your thoughts. I did not participate because my title is pretty obvious and not very creative.

Bella Rum said...

I love your story. I can't believe that I almost forgot. I looked at the calendar this morning with that big #1 on it and POP...just like that it popped into my head...

It was fun!!!!!

Richard said...

I discovered your blog through Linda Leinen's wonderful blog "The Task At Hand."

If you'll permit me:

My blog at
is called "One More Good Adventure."

As a youngster the gift of a small pram (boat, not a baby carriage) was the spark that set the fire of yearning for adventuring. But, as happens with most people, life intervened and for the next 23 years no adventuring was done. I spent years reading about the adventures other people were having. I bought all the yacht and boat magazines on the racks and dreamed of the day I'd have a boat of my own and sail off into the sunset. But deep down I realized three things: 1) I was never going to earn enough money to buy a boat capable of doing what I dreamed of because 2) I wasn't willing to work hard enough to get that much money, and 3) if you ARE willing to work that hard you don't have the time to be on the boat following your dreams.

A $16.25 divorce (a whole other story) set me free to set my life on another tack. I got a job as a deckhand on a boat. I worked for two years and sat for my Coast Guard 100-ton license. Over the course of the next 20 years I raced on large sailboats, did the "Great Loop" (a circumnavigation of the eastern part of the U.S that includes three of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River); a dozen trips up and down the eastern seaboard of the U.S. from Cape Cod to Key West; the coast of the Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville, Texas to Pensacola, FL; three years running an 85' sailboat on the French Riviera and the Spanish Costa del Sol; sailed across the Atlantic in '92 and then on a small sailboat I finally DID buy spent nine months on a single-handed cruise from Florida to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala and back.

Then I fell in love, sold my sailboat and became land-bound again and vegetated. As I approached retirement age I began to dream again of getting a boat and sailing it down to Bocas del Toro, Panama, where I'd pass the remainder of my life...One More Good Adventure.

Jeanie said...

I've always loved the word "Synchronicity." It fits my life, my state of mind. So, this expanded explanation is both illuminating for your blog and enhances my understanding of the word!

I'm having fun today! (I'm glad there are no winners! I can't wait to visit more. Sneaking!)

Loring Wirbel said...

Icono-up-and-running this morning, and I even have a lame excuse for the poor Google/Blogger gremlins. They are synchronizing their failures with all the other near-meltdowns occurring in the social-networking realm. After all, they couldn't let all the disasters at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn allow the newcomers to skyrocket ahead of Blogger in user dissatisfaction, could they?

Gayle Carline said...

Whew! Finally got mine up. Sorry about the tardiness, but when you're on West Coast time, you feel like you're always playing catch-up with the world!

Gayle "On the edge of the chair of Literature"

RoSe said...

Thanks for the challenge Ruth, posted!

Brenda said...

I found you through Bug..but now that I see you here, I realize I have probably seen you here and there over at Sandy's blog. So....waving "Hello" and I am now a follower of yours. I love this revealing of how we chose our names. Perhaps I will join in.

Babs-beetle said...

It just shows you how wrong you can be. I always assumed that your blog name was to do with photography - Synchronized flash or something. I should have known your reasons would be a lot deeper than that ;)

Your beetle is very much like the one on my original blog header! (Exclamation point)

Indiri Wood said...

I found your blog through Be Yourself..Everyone Else is Taken and I'm loving your photos!

I hope it's okay that I decided to play along. I've been asked about my title, Turning Stones, before but I've never really explained it.

Barb said...

I saw this at Babs' Beetle Blog and thought I'd play along! There are several blog names I've often wondered about!

Barry said...

So you were inspired by Carl Jung. Isn't that cool, my favourite of the classical psychotherapists.

I'm just going to get a coffee and snuggle down for an afternoon of visiting all the bloggers on your list.

This should be fun.

sandy said...

Interesting post and the way your name came about. I'll have to check out the other links.

Unknown said...

Synchronizing is a wonderful name for a blog. The fact that it bounced on to your space like that is an omen. From the minds of Carl Jung and ancient Egypt, who could argue with that? This is a wonderful idea, Ruthie. looking forward to a wonderful afternoon! =D
Thank you!

PeterParis said...

Did I really agree to post about my blog name? I guess I did! Now, cowardly, I believe I must withdraw; may blogname is so stupdily simple, "Peter's Paris". Rather obvious; my name is Peter and I write about Paris. What else to say?

I will make a small addendum on my blog and refer to your blog and post.... and I will have a look on the contributions by the other participants. That's the best I can do! Sorry!

Janet said...

Your story is so cool. Mine is pretty darn plain but I played along after seeing about this on Jeanie's blog. You can see mine here:

cathyswatercolors said...

Ruth, your blog is very special to me. I always look forward to reading your thought provoking posts. I feel very fortunate to have found you.

My blog began,after a search for a living room couch. I noticed that Corey Amoro from tongue in cheek had a great couch in a magazine spread. I began to investigate and found blog world.
Laura, of Laura's watercolor(who I miss, as of late) gave me the courage to post, and I believe that's where I came across your wonderful blog.... peace my friend.

Unknown said...

This is a great post and what a great way to meet new people- nd learn something about them IMMEDIATELY! I am posting my explaination tomorrow, well writing and scheduling it tonight to post tomorrow... :)

Relyn Lawson said...

Beth told me about this. I'll play too.

Unknown said...

I named my blog after Margaret Drabble's The Millstone. For three reasons: 1) I have a lot in common with Rosemund, the main character in the novel 2) The Millstone represents the illness that constantly weighs me down 3) but it is also the instrument of the relentless daily grind that transforms wheat into nourishing flour. Silly reasons. Sorry for the English, it's 2.30 in the morning and I still haven't managed to fall asleep even though I'm dead tired :(

Becca said...

Hi Ruth! Jeanie (Marmelade Gypsy) told me about this fun idea, so I decided to join in :) Thanks for hosting...and I'll take coffee, please ;)

Here's my post:

Ruth said...

Dana, you're right, that's not so short. My daughter is 5'3" - that's not so short either, but I feel I tower over her, though I'm just 3 inches taller. Don had an aunt who was 4'11". I knew a couple - she was 4'11" and he was 6'8". Sometimes she stood on a chair to kiss him.

Thank you so much for participating, especially after Dr. M.'s mom had a stroke. I'll be thinking of you.

Ruth said...

Wesrey! Now don't hold me to it, the bringing two things together, ok?

I really did love your post and you remembering the pink grapefruit. Pink = you. But not girly pink, just Lesley pink.

Ruth said...

Oh rauf. You recently posted about the start of your blog four years ago, with all the generosity and freedom you always express. You created a voice and a world that is uniquely yours, where everyone is welcome. There is no way for me to measure the breadth of influence you and your blog have had on me. That's why I included you in my Appreciation of Men list. It's like a door opened onto a beautiful Kerala road where it was raining, lights were reflecting on wet pavement, I saw a man walking ahead, and I wanted to follow.

What you may fail to understand, and others here too, is that I want to know (I think most of us do) the stories of your life. I want to know the stories of others' lives too. Who were you when you fell in love with the CSN album "Daylight Again" - so much so that decades later you named your blog home after it? What was the best song on that album? What were you doing at the time? Were you in college, studying chemistry? Who were your mates? Did you play cricket every day? Why does "Daylight Again" still after all this time represent what you want to do at your blog? You and others here seem to think we know all about you, so what you know of yourself is uninteresting. Like CottageGirl, or Peter in Paris. They think it is obvious and uninteresting too. But what is there to be told that we don't know? That we can connect with? I don't mean that I need you to post about naming your blog. But just as you share your country and its beauty through your conversation and photographs, you are sharing your voice and eye in such a beautifully individual way, we always want to know more. None of it is uninteresting, because it is you, and you are interesting.

Ruth said...

Ann, I love it. :) I have such good memories of that Olympic event - always makes me smile. And hey, I wear earplugs at night! What synchronicity!

Ruth said...

Kanmuri, I have wondered how I would have remembered this if someone had asked me and I agreed. Anyway, I'm glad you did it, because I learned about Iwate, and some of my dear friends came to see you - so very nice - linking Iwate, East Lansing, Toronto and Paris!

Ruth said...

Linda, our local Sisyphus, you did it, and I thank you. It is quite startling how you, and we, can turn our attention to something at any point in life and make something meaningful of it, like your writing - and your boat varnishing for that matter.

Ruth said...

Mark, B&B, you do a terrific job maintaining the context of your blog name and intent. The Butler and the Bagman have become real characters. When you wrote about your Grandee, and his own Bagman, I knew exactly what you meant. How cool is that?

As I said to you there, if I were religious, I would start a religion called Grandee-anity. I felt a new level of Enlightenment just reading your grandpa's quotes. I think you understand the treasure. I'm still stunned and saved that part 2 post in favorite places so I can go back to it. I just want to sit and talk with you about him, or have him sit and talk to me. It hurts me that such a person has to live and die, without all of us knowing him.

Ruth said...

Violetski, rambling can be good, and yours was. Erudite can be bad, me don't like too erudite.

You, delivering newspapers in the wee hours, under a violet sky - no matter the weather - is an image I can hold onto.

Ruth said...

Oh, and I can't add you to the list in the post Violetski because I can't edit. :(

Ruth said...

Jean, like the bluebirds we share, you are a quiet, shy speaker and crafter expressing such sweet things to us. My nature friend, I'm so glad you're here.

Ruth said...

Kathy, thank you so much for adding your junk drawer to the big house of blogs we are building! I agree with what you wrote at your post, that choosing the name and the URL is important and should be well thought out. We are "stuck" with it for a long time. Sometimes I wish I had chosen a different URL, but I like being called Ruthie - it is what only my family called me before this, and it feels close and cozy.

Ruth said...

Susie, thank you for the sisterly way you encourage me.

Thank you for your cool twist on your participation - posting your collection and progression of blog headers - brilliant.

We are all fascinating. Some of us just don't recognize it. Humanity is just so amazing.

Ruth said...

Ha, Kat! Lesley and I have at least 3 sets of pajamas given us by Don's mom. In fact, I am wearing some right now.

Thanks for coming by during this major event. :)

Ruth said...

Bella, I am oh so glad you didn't forget full stop, because your story touched me. It is full of powerful images, evoking memories with my own parents at the end of life. Thank you so much for participating, and so much the better if it was fun for you!

Ruth said...

Hello, and welcome, Richard! You packed a lifetime of adventure in that short comment, and I thank you for participating in my meme right here. The things we do for love! My sister too fell in love with a man who lived on a boat, he sold it and became a landlubber.

People can reinvent their life drastically. Isn't it wonderful? To dream, to change, to shape ourselves into a new chapter, if we can.

Ginnie said...

Ruth, better late than never, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and maybe will just have to do my own version once on the other side of the Big Pond! I may have inspired you to blog but YOU inspired me to start my photoblog, which isn't quite the same thing as In Soul, as we both know. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I will. Two more days in the countdown. Am I excited or what!

I love you, Sister!

♥ Kathy said...

Well I have 3 blogs and they all have super short reasons for their names so I'll just tell you here...

Happy At Home because I used to work 70+ hours a week and now I stay home...

This Crazy Adventure I Call Life because life is an adventure...

and The Eat Food NOT Money Cookbook because I think you can eat good food without paying a fortune :)

I love the way you named your blog! It's awesome :) Happy Wednesday Ruth ♥

Myra said...

Great idea Ruth!!! I've often wondered how some of the blog names came about!!! Mine's up! 8-)

Nathalie H.D. said...

My own blog name is too self-explanatory to justify writing about it.

Perhaps I should have gone more personal and chosen 'Nathalie's Avignon' in the same vein as "Peter's Paris"?

Thanks for sharing the story behind your blog name. It is quite amazing. And to think that you only knew one other blog when you started yours in 2006! It was the same for me when I started mine six months after you.
How our world has changed since!

Shattered said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed reading the history behind your blog. I also enjoyed seeing your "antique" handheld... ;)

CottageGirl said...

How on earth did I miss posting here yesterday? I think I was catching up with all of the other stories that I lost track!
I love the name you chose, Ruth ... but you know even if you named it Skitlefritz it would be just as sweet, just as entertaining, just as intellectually stimulating!
Keep up the great work!! Proud to know you, Ruth!

Dutchbaby said...

I could have sworn that I left a message here earlier. Did I forget to do the word verification?

Anywho, I love that your blog name was inspired by technology :), especially one that is so useful in every day life, keeping it all synched up, making sure that the left hand knows what the right hand is up to. Then of course the deeper, Jungian meaning is even better. I happily synchronized my post with yours on December 1st.

Ruth said...

Jeanie, how about I award you with the most recruits to the How I Named My Blog meme? Your support has been remarkable, and I really do appreciate it. Now, when are we going to have lunch and meet for real?

Ruth said...

Loring, that's a pretty good synchronizing theory.

You have worked in electronic news, and no doubt you have heard and maybe reported every horror story possible. For me it would be a horror to have to manage the complaints. It is free, but they do make a lot of money on these networks, erm I mean skittles.

Thank you for your very kind participation, my friend.

Ruth said...

Gayle, that's a great post, and I get it now. I loved the Thurber references, he really was a hoot. All the best on your writing endeavors.

Judy said...

Thank you for the challenge to explain our blog names.
It was very cool that you listed these on your blog, making it easy to go look at all the other blogs. I enjoyed visiting new blogs I had not seen before, and people visited my blog. It felt like you were hosting a “mixer” party and you gave us a common topic we could use as an ice breaker for conversation!

Ruth said...

Hi, RoSe, and thank you for posting your Short as a Minute story, and that FABULOUS photo with Lyle Lovett!!

I only wish I could add you and your blog to my post. But rats, I can't edit it. :(

Ruth said...

Hello and welcome to synch, Brenda! Thank you for following this blog, I hope you won't be sorry. Sometimes I get carried away, like I did when I started this back in November in the middle of the night. I am having fun seeing people who saw someone's post on how they named their blog finding out and doing it too.

Ruth said...

Babs, when I saw your post first of all the meme participants, I freaked! Synchronicity! I saw that beetle and it looked like my beetle. I think Don thought I was really losing it.

I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked to see a beetle at your blog. :|

Ruth said...

Hello and welcome to you, Sara, you are made ecstatic by Nature too. I think you will find me a kindred spirit that way. Your image of turning rocks over to see the world underneath shows you look closely, and I love that. Thank you for joining this story party!

shoreacres said...

I'd like to leave a note, Ruth, for several bloggers I visited tonight - Blogspot isn't allowing me to leave comments. I'm told that my open ID credentials can't be verified by Blogger.

I hate that it's happening again - sometimes Wordpress and Blogger don't play well together. I'll give it a try again later - but I surely have enjoyed many of these blogs and would love to at least leave a general "thank you" here!

SG said...

Very interesting post... we are digging at the origin of things :)

Sidney said...

I would never have guessed.

A Sari Sari Store in the Philippines is a store where you can buy a bit of everything in very small quantities.

Since my blog is all about different aspects of life in the Philippines I called my blog My Sarisari Store... a blog where you can find a bit of everything.

Trudi said...

Ruth, thanks for getting us to share our stories.

Ruth said...

Hi, Barb, thank you for telling your Will Think 4 Wine story, it cracks me up.

Ruth said...

Dear Barry, you and Linda took this event and made it better, by going on the How I Named My Blog Crawl. That means a lot to me, and it was a blast seeing your names and comments dotted around the blogosphere. That's what I call exploring!

Ruth said...

Hi, Sandy, there are some good stories out there. Isn't it terrific that we get to do just about anything we want in blogs, including naming them?

Ruth said...

Linda, as I said to Barry, you two took this to a whole new level by visiting all the participants and leaving comments. That made me feel so good, and confirmed what I already knew about your character. I feel as if I know you from Barry's posts and your comments there. I am privileged to witness Barry's explorations.

Thank you for participating and going on the How I Named My Blog Crawl!

Ruth said...

Peter, I'll say to you what I said to rauf. The blog name may be simple and straightforward, needing no big explanation. It's nice that way actually. You are present in your posts, it is very appropriate to call it Peter's Paris. What I realized was that I was also interested in why you started a blog, how you, a Swedish man, came to live in Paris, and other such details. But that is a different matter than just naming it, and is not what I asked.

Thank you for posting anyway, it gave your friends a chance to tell you how they appreciate the incredible amount of time, effort and skill into your research, photographs and beautiful summaries of so many aspects of Paris that many of us have never even heard of. Here's to you, Peter!

Ruth said...

Hi, Janet, welcome to synch. It's nice that you played along today and we heard your thought process in your blog names. Being able to name your blog anything you want, and to post whatever you want to say is a gift to all of us who do it, and I think it's easy to forget that.

Ruth said...

Cathy, my dear friend, we've known each other quite a long time in blog years. Blog visitors come and go, but we have stayed together. Thank you for telling how you started your blog. I miss Laura too and think of her often.

Ruth said...

Nathalie, I welcome you to this room with open arms. How nice that you joined the effort and explain your story at An Artist's Legacy. Collaging with old and new bits is an art form that speaks to me. I would do it if I weren't lazy that way. Happily, I can just look at yours, and Jean's, and Jeanie's, and Gwen's, and Anet's. We are all a collage of friends, I love it.

Ruth said...

Hi, Relyn, thank you for telling how you named Come Sit By My Fire. That was a cozy visit.

Ruth said...

Dear Claudia, thank you. I was hoping you would tell. Since meeting you and your blog I have liked the name The Millstone and also wondered about the origin. I don't know that novel. I'm sorry for the illness. I admire you for taking it like a stone and grinding your experience into something with Life.

And I don't really know what you meant about your English, which was perfect. Nor were your reasons for the blog name silly.

You are a treasure.

Ruth said...

Becca, Becca's Byline is PERFECT, and your history of using your fingers to express your thoughts in writing and your heart in music was very cool. Thank you for joining in this bloggy meme!

Ruth said...

Boots, that is something to look forward to!

I am really not not not getting that you are leaving this country. I mean I am really not feeling the reality of it.

I don't like it for me, but I love it for you. I love you too.

Ruth said...

Well hi, ♥ Kathy. 70+ hours a week? You earned being happy at home for the rest of time.

I have a proliferation of blogs too. I could start 10 more, because there are just so many good reasons and interesting things to focus on, like your three.

Thank you for telling me about them.

Ruth said...

Welcome, Myra, this is just so fun meeting new people who saw someone's post. You saw Brenda's, and she saw Dana's. I think we could do some powerful stuff with these connections. Thank you for participating!

Ruth said...

Dear Nathalie, we've known each other so long, in blog years. Back when I did East Lansing Daily Photo and you were in Sydney. Now you are in Avignon posting your GORGEOUS photographs and making me ache to be back in France. I haven't been back since 2006, the same year you and I began our blogs, oh and I started the Paris one but only post there sporadically now. I am tickled that you are still there where I can see you.

Ruth said...

My dear sweet Shattered friend. You are a miracle.

I love you.

Ruth said...

CottageGirl, now I never once thought of Skitlefritz, but what a good name that would be.

I am thankful for your affection and kind words. It is my great pleasure to know you.

Ruth said...

Dutchbabygirl, that was sweet of you to post a plug for this meme, and link to yours, which I'll never forget. It was one of the first times I visited you.

I am SO glad to know you here. Thank you.

Ruth said...

Judy, this has been a fun mixer, I agree, and that's an apt way of putting it. Thank you for participating, I just loved seeing my friends meet each other and see why I love you all so much.

Ruth said...

Linda, well that's stinky! I've seen your comments here and there, but too bad they didn't take everywhere. Blogger is being a very bad BOY (I won't claim it as female), and I have too many issues that I am trying to work around, without much hope that they will be remedied.

Thank you for your thoughtful return to post that comment.

Ruth said...

Phoenix, thank you for that!! You get me, and I hadn't realized that it is that part of my nature that prompted this. How very nice. Ahhh.

Ruth said...

Well, dear Sidney, I never would have guessed that either. I had no clue what SariSari meant.

You, Sir, have one of the finest blogs in the history of blogdom. I was so happy you got that award for Best Foreign Blog in the Philippines last year. I'm proud to know you.

Ruth said...

And thanks to you, Trudi, for going out on a limb and posting yours. :D

Vagabonde said...

I just read all the posts I missed while I was away and they were all exciting and thought provoking as usual. Thanks for coming to my blog. I did not know Ginnie was your sister – blogging is like a great “camaraderie” (don’t know how you would tell this in English – may be like a great circle of friends.) I was at my daughter in Long Beach for my birthday last year when we decided to start me with a blog. It took 2 days to come up with a name. I wanted to talk about travel and my memories of them and of growing up in France, and other things. I was going to call it Reminiscences of Things Past as a translation for Souvenirs de Choses Passées but my sister in law said it sounded like Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past – even though you know this is the wrong translation for his book “A La Recherche du Temps Perdu” which translates in English literally as At the Research of Lost Time or in better English would be Searching for Lost Time (Perdu mean lost not Past which is le passé) – so I decided to go with Recollections, but then recollections of what, who, and decided at the word Vagabonde, the French meaning in the feminine form, who is someone who travels without knowing for sure where, unstructured, and also can be a vagabonde in mind, interested in a variety of subjects, kind of a romantic term. Then I found out that in English a vagabond is more like a hobo, a homeless person, it does not have the same romantic connotation as in French, but it was too late, as we had already built the blog.

Nancy said...

Geeze, so sorry - I missed this date! I fully intended to participate - can I blame it on the flu? No? I could have done it beforehand? Sorry!

Ruth said...

Hello, and welcome back dear Vagabonde.

I have always liked your bloggy name. Knowing you are French, the pronunciation alone is appealing. I never thought of it as hobo, but as traveler. I like reading about the process you went through. It's important to give it thought like that, because you're stuck in cement with that name, unless you really want to go through major hassles changing it. It's really quite nice.

Ruth said...

Nancy, no worries! I don't know how I'd have remembered this if someone had asked me, to tell you the truth. And me - Blogger doesn't let me schedule a post or edit a post here. I'm afraid synch-ro-ni-zing is getting decrepit, and I hope it won't always be this way. We need to be revitalized. Help, Blogger!

Arti said...

Pardon my late response, but it only illustrates the reason for my blog name: Ripple Effects. You see, I'm a slow blogger, and strives on delayed resonance and hindsight. Thus giving rise to my blog name. The view is clearer for me after the dust is settled. So here I am, as the 94th comment. Congratulations Ruth, this call for a blog names' raison d'etre is a success indeed!

Jill of All Trades said...

This was a very interesting post and wow so much into the name of your blog. Mine is a very simple explanation...Jill of all Trades...I can do a lot of things fairly well, a lot, none are perfect but I can do a lot of stuff...simple...

Ruth said...

Hello, Arti. Oh, that's all right, but I did miss you and your beautiful writing.

Yes, this was a fun event, and many of my friends connected with each other, which was one of my intentions.

Ruth said...

Jill, you would be a good person to be stranded with on a desert island, I'm thinking. You could do all the work, and I could write about it and take pictures.

Montag said...

A perfectly wonderful idea, and the end effect is like a giant, countrywide, international, pot-luck Christmas festival!

Deborah said...

Wonderfully pretty header, Ruth, and a very entertaining read to go with it.

Ruth said...

Montag. Smile.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Deborah.

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