Saturday, September 13, 2008


Intelligent. Discreet and modest.

Quietly alert, determined.

Pensive. Sincere. Decent.

Tolerant. Sensitive and clever.

Brave. Exuberant. Cheeky. Dangerous.

Beans: a prince, or maybe a god. Except when our niece Kaeley conquers him. Then he is a ragdoll.

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Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Ha ha! Beans is adorable and so is Kaeley. I want to hug him and listen to his motor run.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Bet the VIP's heard the best music they've heard in a long time!! Congrats! to them...

and a vintage dress would be perfect for Lesley... must be lots to search through in New York!.. do you still have yours??

This little kitten, Beans appears so delicate.. but I bet he is full of surprises!! What a darling picture of Kaeley and Beans... everything about it is soft and cuddly!

Ruth said...

Amy, what's hilarious about Beans is that he seems forlorn to look at him when Kaeley is carrying him around like a ragdoll, but you can hear his motor runnin all the same. I guess mother cats carry their young like ragdolls, so maybe he actually likes it!

Ruth said...

Gwen, thanks! I can't believe Pete is almost done with his first week's cruise. It sounds like he's having a blast.

I know, when Lesley told me about the vintage dresses she saw, it seemed right. I do still have mine, and we had talked about her using parts of it to have a dress made. We aren't the same size, so wearing it as is won't work. But she decided she couldn't, that the dress needs to remain intact, and I think I agree with her. I'll contribute to her garments in some other way.

These photos don't show all the antics Beans does, of course, which are funny, like all kitties. He sure was a willing subject for my camera.

Leena said...

And this is my help to you :

I will find out still much more before next summer :)

Anet said...

Awe... Beans is so cute! I didn't know you had a kitten too. The photo with Kaeley and the kitten is just precious!!!

A vintage dress sounds prefect and good for Peter!:) You must be very proud and excited about your kids!

Loring Wirbel said...

I'll need to get pics of Lucky. She was under five layers of blankets this morning, a little running mysterious lump in the middle of the bed. Does Beans like to play blanket-hiding?

Ruth said...

Ohhh, Leena, goodeeee. Thank you. I wonder if I will be holding my camera that day . . .

Ruth said...

No no Anet (isn't there a movie title something like that? No No Nannette?), Beans the kitten does not belong to us, well cats do not belong to anyone. He belongs to Kaeley's household - Don's brother's family.

Yes! Proud and excited! And as for the cruise, I have never wanted to go on a cruise. But now picturing Peter and his activities, and hearing his excitement, I would like to be a mouse in the corner watching and listening. Also, I have never been into wedding planning, in fact I was sadly distant planning my own -excited to marry Don, but not the actual wedding part. But now, having it be Lesley, I am into it! So - weddings and cruises - funny how you can be won over if the circumstances are right, eh? :)

Ruth said...

Ha, Loring, Lucky's under-blanket antics sound adorable! I don't know Beans well enough to know about that game, but I've seen him leap pretty high when Mike teases him with a long string.

Grandma Faith said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit. Your blog is so wonderful. I enjoy your pictures and your words. I really appreciated the symbolism with the figs. You have wisdom to go along with your way with words.

Mrs. M. said...

I like the changes in your blog--and thanks for the updates of my cute "little" cousins! ;)

I can't wait to see all the details Lesley comes up with on her own and with a little help from family!

Is there a date yet?

Sandy said...

What an adorable kitty. We have Bean (Sabine) and you have Beans.

how cute is that!

I'm going out of town, will see ya later (unless I can check in while gone).

freefalling said... laptop is running a bit slow this morning.
When I clicked on Synchronizing this morning in Bloglines, I got:
"Beans. Intelligent. Discreet and modest. Quietly alert, determined."

I didn't get any photos.

I thought,
hmmmm.....what kind of beans is Ruth planting?
She really reads A LOT into those beans!
She's so deep!
I'll have to go and check out my snow peas and see what's quietly going on out there in the garden!

(I got the photos now!)

Ruth said...

Grandma Faith, thank you so much for coming by here too. I appreciate your kind comment.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Mrs. M., I'm glad you like the changes here at my blogee.

You can see photos of Peter at facebook too, BTW. And Lesley too, of course.

No date quite yet. They're waiting on the minister to confirm his availability. ;)

Ruth said...

Auntie Sandy, isn't he so cute!? Sabine, what a cool name!

Yes, I hope you'll have a safe and interesting and relaxing time away. And I also hope your computer gets fixed.

Ruth said...

Letty, yes, I wouldn't put it past me to write about the intelligence, discretion and modesty of beans. I see things in places that make people look at me with a scrunched up face. Did you have a scrunched up face?

Ohh, I love snow peas.

Rauf said...

Freefalling, Ruth didn't say funny and hilarious. i don't know if Mr. Bean is popular in the US.

He looks like Ginger my cat who disappeared Ruth, he was my favourite model.

pictures on the template are getting better and better. Kindly convey my best wishes to sister Dee Dee. She's adorable.

Ruth said...

rauf, I need to watch some Mr. Bean again. My favorite was when he was cooking a turkey for a holiday meal for a date, and he ended up with the turkey on his head. Oh but I also loved when he was playing with toy army men in the department store window.

Yes! I remember Ginger (aka Puma), and I agree they look alike.

Dee Dee is adorable, and sweet, and loving and every good thing. She cooked for us on her birthday, filet mignon!

Sharon said...

He does look quite dangerous Ruth. Just through your pictures he has stolen a little piece of my heart.

Happy (belated) Birthday Dee Dee!!!

Ruth said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks.

BouBou's said...

Adorable! He looks like such a sweetie.

I'm amazed he stayed still long enough for so many photos. LOL Our new kitty rarely sits still long enough for the camera to focus. ;-)


gaz said...

he looks just like our kitty buttons.

Ruth said...

Boubou, I was amazed too!

Ruth said...

Wow, Gaz, he sure does!

Bob Johnson said...

Cats ........are all that, cute images.

lesleyanne said...

that is one cute cat!