Monday, September 08, 2008

another new gig!

Who is this man snuggling with our daughter?! Clue: he makes her very, very happy.


Having him join us as our son and a new brother for Peter makes us very happy too! Brian, welcome to the family! We won't tell anyone about the arrow and the barn (. . . for a long, long time).

Brian proposed to Lesley on a beach at Cape Cod August 30. The wedding will be next summer.
When love opens a new room in your heart, you realize its effortless capacity to increase and multiply.


VioletSky said...

Congratulations. I'm have no kids, but I find it heart warming when parents are so excited about their new in-law son or daughter.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh I am so happy for the two of them and your entire family... Love has a great capacity to encompass all...

Congratulations to Lesley and Brian!!!

Their smiling faces tells it all!!

Ruth said...

Oh thank you, Sanna, for sharing our warm hearts.

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Many thanks, Gwen! When two people marry, they marry each other's families too. It's awfully nice in this case, for us at least! I'll let Brian speak for himself.

Knowing Lesley as I do, I recognize something in her smiles now that tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

What BEAUTIFUL eyes...they say it all. Will the wedding be at your gorgeous farm? Tell us more, were you in on the secret?

Sam, (who just can't resist stopping by now that I've found your lovely site)

Loring Wirbel said...

Champagne and bubble-gum cigars all around, barkeep!

gaz said...

it warms the heart like nothing else on earth when you find your true love.

Anet said...

Wonderful! They look like the prefect couple. It's so exciting!
Congrats to all! A new chapter in Lesley life!!!

Sharon said...

They really are a cute couple!

CONGRATULATIONS Lesley and Brian, may you find that no matter what that person next to you is your best friend and know deep in your heart that they always will be. Be happy!!!

Ruth said...

Hi Sam, I agree with you, the eyes strike me in this photo as full of their story.

Yes, we did have a sneak preview that this would be announced soon. And you are astute in your guess as to the location! I'll keep you posted.

Glad you keep stopping by.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Loring. :D

Ruth said...

Thank you, Gaz. As much as I'd like to think we are complete without it, it does make life pretty wonderful.

Ruth said...

Anet, I think they do too, thank you for sharing our excitement! I'm still pinching myself.

Ruth said...

Sharon, I know, they are so cute!

Your wish and encouragement to them is right on. Yay!!

Ginnie said...

Happy days are here again (came to mind!). :) It was such a delight to meet Brian at Farm Day and see them both as a pair. YAAAAY!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Oh how romantic! I'm fighting back tears...seriously! Although we've never met, I somehow feel as if you and Don and your family are neighbors. *sniff, sniff!* Congratulations all around on this most happy news!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...
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Don said...

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

Cupid made an excellent shot and hit a double Bull's eye!

Yea Lesley and Brian!!

Sandy said...

APPLAUSE AND EXCITEMENT and CONGRATULATIONS because I sure hope we all get to share in ALL the details, everything, about this planning, the wedding, the mishaps, the chaos, the frivolity, the love...
Ruth and Don and Lesley, (the whole family too) all the best to you through the next year and especially


TO THE newly engaged couple...

Very attractive photo of both of them and


I'm just really excited for you....

and then the grandkids will start pouring in some day...

and you'll have no time for those furry friends of yours because you will be dealing with poopy diapers.

and I'll be glad to come and stay at your place and tend to the birds.

Auntie Sandy

freefalling said...

He's a "ranger"!!
Do you say "ranger" in the US?
It's for red heads.
(ranger as in ranger danger ding dong, not ranger as in Yogi Bear)
I have declared 2008 the 'Year of the Ranger' (they are coming out of the woodwork left, right and center!), so Brian couldn't have picked a better year to propose!

You know, I recall seeing a similar photo of you and Don when you were younger ie: complementary traits evident in your faces.

So between you and me - what do you REALLY think of him??!!
Only joking!
But what if you didn't like him - how would you welcome him to the family then??!

Lesley DOES look very, very happy.
So full of hope and optimism and life - just as a young person should! And Brian looks so contented and at peace.

I hope they have a wonderful life together!

lesleyanne said...

yay mommy yay!!! thank you to everyone for all the well wishes, from all of you bloggers!

we are so excited! it will be the most perfect garden party ever!

i love you. thank you for doing this beautiful post. i just love what you did with the photo! it is so lovely, with the added fogginess. just like my head in the clouds.

Rauf said...

a couple of weeks ago my friend LJ barged in said rauf come for Amala's wedding. i sank. i said LJ please be kind to me, please drop it gently on me i have no strength to recive such shocks.

This is what happened to me Ruth.To my mind, my first 20 years were slow, it was like eternity 20's a bit faster, i remember very distinctly. 30's ran, 40's sprinted my 50's just flew i remember nothing. suddenly my niece and nephew are giving me instructions. Young people get up to give me a seat, oh no, is my life over ? the young take over Ruth. You still speak about your grand mother. You and don would soon be grand parents

oh Lesley how beautiful ! wish you and Brian all the joy and sunshine, health and wealth in the world.

Ruth said...

Boots, yes, the farm approved of Brian and Lesley together.

Ruth said...

Don, brilliant connection! I was trying to think of something related to the arrow, and duh! I never once thought of Cupid. :D

I like our son-in-law-to-be, Dear.

Ruth said...

Auntie Sandy, Yayayayay! I'll share the details if you promise not to get tired of Lesley and me getting obsessed. Actually neither Lesley nor I care much about weddings in general, we don't like big ones and spending bags of money on one day. I think Don's and my whole wedding - including my dress - cost around $500. That said, I'm VERY excited about this one, now that my sweet little girl is the one getting married to this nice man.

Lesley and Brian want to get married on the farm - we're planning it for Farm Day next summer! But they also want to hire the catering, so all Don and I have to do is make the place pretty and be happy and civilized.

You wrote about grandkids - sshhh, don't tell Lesley and Brian because I don't want to be a pushy mother, but I have been longing for grandchildren for about 10 years. But I have never ever made Lesley and Peter feel that I am pressuring them. Right, Lesley and Peter? hahahahaha. Seriously, I will love them to pieces when they come, whenever that is. The best time for them is the best time for me too. And Auntie Sandy, why didn't you say YOU would come and change poopy diapers?

In the meantime, Sandy, I will relish your photos of Cayden, Mackenzie and Hannah!

Ruth said...

No, Letitia, I never heard that term 'ranger' for a redhead. Nor have I heard 'ranger danger ding dong' - but I like it! You and I have to meet one of these days, I want to hear you say it. I do see the red highlights in both Lesley's and Brian's hair, maybe it's more pronounced in the photo than in person. But I am happy to claim them as rangers nonetheless!

That is interesting about the photo of Don and me, and this one. I totally agree that Lesley and Brian look like they belong together. Imagine what they'll look like in 20, 30, 40 years!! :D

Hahaha, what if I, or Don and I, didn't like Brian? Then we would tell Lesley she can marry him, but please keep him in New York, ha! No, we would try to like him in spite of ourselves. Thank GOODNESS that is a moot question!!!

Ruth said...

I admit Brian's beard is reddish . . .

Ruth said...

Weseweyyy! yay Weswey yay!

Can you hear me smiling?? My teeth are singing!

I'm glad you like the photo, my sweetie. You are both beautiful, and I love youuuu! This is going to be so much fun. And it's way easier to have another son this way than the traditional way!

Ruth said...

rauf EEEEEEEEE, do you say 'rauf chacha' or do you say 'rauf mamoon'? Lesley can just call you rauf uncle.

No, no, no, your life is not over. Now you have all the experiences of your life to feed you ideas for the next 3 decades. Yes it's shocking to see our little ones change before our eyes, but especially when we haven't seen them for a time.

Myself, I woke up with a hitch in my hip yesterday, and a sore arm and goodness I felt old. We gotta keep stretchin, rauf.

Sandy said... noticed......

okay...I can change a diaper or two if absolutely necessary.

I'm really happy for all of you. I imagine the wedding will be great wherever and however, it all takes shape...

I'm not one for big monies spent either.

We have hosted three weddings, three showers and a memorial service on our property. The weddings turned out great, beautiful but casual somewhat.

Ruth said...

Yes, 'beautiful but casual somewhat' is what we're going for. Lots and lots of sunflowers.

CRG said...

Soo, do we romantics get to hear the love story? How they met, the proposal? significance of Cape Cod?
Sunflowers, Yeah!

One of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever been to, was held on a friends property out in the country (not really a farm). They installed a large swimming pond & gazebo early that summer - especially for the event. Since then, three other family members have also been married there. Their friends came from all over the country (and many other parts of the world). They all brought their tents and camped that weekend on the property. The grooms family got several port-a-potties.

It was a LARGE potluck. We were all asked to bring a special dish (catagories were assigned based on our interests). They rented beautiful serving platters, tables & chairs and linens. Those that had that kind of thing brought theirs.

A friend of the grooms parents was a professional cake decorator and gave them the grooms cake and wedding cake as one of their presents.

The groom just absolutely loved potlucks and all the wonderful foods that people always seem to bring. It was the best wedding ever and we've been to a lot of VERY fancy, expensive weddings (including two, soon to be three destination weddings).

Ruth said...

Sam, the Mystery Commenter. You are most welcome here.

What you describe sounds like heaven to me, a perfect way to celebrate such a beautiful joining of two people, and their families. My friend Heather had a similar wedding reception outdoors and a potluck.

I'll be posting soon about one of the ideas I had and am working on.

I defer to my darling daughter to tell her story, either here or in her blog. I will tell you the significance of sunflowers. She has always loved them, as well as daisies. When she was in art school, one of her assignments in drawing class was to draw a picture with colored pencils using a certain number of shades of one color (I wish I could remember how many - umpteen). She used thirteen shades of yellow on sunflowers she drew for her grandma and grandpa, a huge picture. The picture is like a painting, you would not know it was pencils, just stunning. I need to photograph it to have it on record.

Rauf said...

Ruth, i am a maamoo to Lesley, she has to call me mamaji

Ruth said...

Mamaji, that's so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Lesley's sunflower sounds like the perfect cover to an unique wedding invitation.

I will "patiently" humh! wait for Lesley to share her story. Lesley, I hope it's soon!!!

This picture sooo makes me smile! It looks like you have found a true soul mate. Congrads!!!!

Ruth said...

Teehee, Sam. You are too funny.

Oh! that's a wonderful idea about the invitation, I passed it on to Lesley. And she passed on permission to tell you how they met.

In brief, her cousin in NYC had a dinner over a year ago, and Lesley and Brian met there, Brian being a friend of her cousin's from university days. I think they met twice over the course of a year, both times at her cousin's. After knowing each other a year they began to date, and the rest is history! It's nice to meet someone in NYC and have a relative vouch for him, eh what?

Bob Johnson said...

Congratulations!! my youngest is getting married June 8th, very cool , I know how you feel, hey don't forget about the 3D images on my latest post,lol, oh I added some stuff about the LHC and linked you there as well.

RunninL8 said...

hooray and congrats!!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the link, Bob!

Hey, maybe you should go into a special niche of wedding photos in 3D, hehe.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Runnin18. We couldn't be happier.

Leena said...

Congratulations to these happy couple and to parents for those sparkling eyes of their own child!
I almost can imagine your thougths Ruth - almost :)

(I wrote as an answer to your question on my blog.)

Now we going again to the summer cottage.

Have a wonderful weekend, Ruth!

Ruth said...

Oh, thank you, Leena! I think you can imagine my thoughts and feelings quite well.

Julia said...

Today I found this great blog wherein my son is half of the conversation! I'm bursting with stories that would explain him but will show a measure of restraint and save the best ones for the wedding days. I've marveled at God's answer for my son's future - the precious Lesley. His blessing always surpass my fondest hopes and dreams and I am thrilled to have her as a new daughter. I'm also amazed at this charming and talented family that Lesley brings with her. Much love to the couple and their fans.
Brian's mom - Julia