Wednesday, August 20, 2008

cosmos 1 2 3

Compositae, C. bipinnatus, growing in the meadow behind the barn

Cosmos was grown by Spanish priests in Mexican mission gardens; Greek for harmony or ordered universe, 'cosmos' was the name given because of its evenly placed petals.

Hey, rauf and Loring, my sources tell me these flowers attract faeries to your garden.

Did you know there are birth flowers the way there are birthstones? Cosmos is October's birth flower. You can see the rest here.

I like cosmos. My father-in-law does not. They can look unkempt and ratty if you let them grow chaotically in your yard. I think they look best wild in a field.

I don't drink them often, but if I am going to choose an alcoholic drink, it will most likely be a cosmo (Cosmopolitan). 4 parts Citron Vodka, 2 parts Cointreau or Triple Sec, 2 parts cranberry juice, 1 part fresh lime juice. The Cosmopolitan is on the list of official cocktails of the International Bartenders Association for the World Cocktail Competition. (Um, that's a blackberry garnish, not a turd, Don.) I will probably ask for one of these tonight when we go to Harper's to hear Peter's band. He will be leaving in two weeks for 3 months on a cruise ship, entertaining with his other band while it cruises up and down the Eastern Seaboard, from NYC, to Newfoundland, to the Caribbean.

I also like the humongous tree Don and I named 'Cosmo' when we first passed it on our drive to town from the farm. I shot this pic of Cosmo in April when there was ice covering every twig, and the sky was ominous. I greet Cosmo every drive to and from work. He (not she this time) is a strong character in the world of Meridian Road.

For my 50th birthday two years ago Don posted a little cardboard sign on Cosmo for me to see on my drive home. (Click on the photo below to see the sign; it says: HAPPY 50 RUTH!)


Anet said...

Love cosmos the flowers! I did not know they attract faeries!

Cosmo the drink, blah!!! no like em! With or without turds! lol!!!

Cosmo the tree! ah!!! Another beautiful tree spirit! How sweet of your hubby to place a birthday sign on it! So was the sign Happy B-day from Don or Happy B-day from the tree? either way, too sweet!!!

Peter's job on the cruise ship is fantastic, what an awesome adventure!

shicat said...

Cosmos danced into my life when I was a newlywed. I loved them even more when I found out that they grew on my mom's ranch in New Mexico. Cosmo #4 wasn't there a Cosmo, character on the old T.V. show topper? Oh, I like cosmos messy or just anywhere and I love the abundant blooms.

Loring Wirbel said...

Cosmo 4 - A character in the old Sega game, "Sonic the Hedgehog," which Abby played nonstop for two years.

There are many hidden stories in this missive, like the fact that Peter's band's name may have come from the fact that you live just off Meridian Road!

We all forgot that, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, your obsession qualifies you to become That Cosmo Girl! (He ducks to avoid flying objects.)

Ruth said...

Anet, now that you know they bring faeries, I hope you will see some.

No likey the cosmo drink?

I'm pretty sure Cosmo told Don to post that sign - or did Don tell Cosmo. Oh I don't know.

Yes, Peter will get to visit all those nice cities along the coast, and go to Newfoundland! How many get to do that? He won't be too far from Gwen!

: : : :

Shicat, oh, I don't know that show topper. I don't mind cosmos anywhere too, their airy leaves are delicate and pretty, and the flowers very sweet.

: : : :

Loring, did I get you with that plate?? No? Rats.

Oh, my kids played Sonic too! Didn't know there was a Cosmo.

Yes, you got it, Meridian is quite the moniker around here, so that was part of the source of the band's name. Ok, Mr. Information, can you help me figure out which meridian runs through Michigan? I've tried (not all that hard) finding the #, with no luck.

Loring Wirbel said...

Does this help?

84 is around Howell, 86 is around Holland, so that would make 85 right around MAC's bar in East Lansing.

"Interrupting my train of thought are
lines of longitude and latitude..." --
Wire, "Map Reference 41 N, 93 W"

from the seminal and astonishing album "154"

Sharon said...

That is so romantic Don!

Ruth you seem to attract amazing trees like I attract animals. You must be charmed. Beautiful shots.

(And I say you fling at least one more plate for good measure!:)

Sandy said...

this was a great post. Enjoyed the photos and looking at that drink....yum....

beautiful photo of the tree in winter....

how sweet of Don to post that on the tree... fun is that going to be for Peter. lucky guy.

Sandy said...

and what's wrong with Anet, not liking dare her..ha... they are delicious, but then I like anything with a little firewater in it...once in awhile that is, you understand, ha...

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh he sure does love you Ruth!!! sweet..

Cosmos 2 sounds like something that would be perfect on my tastebuds just about now.. Evening Cocktails.. oh yeah!!

A spiritual tree... No wonder you called it Cosmo... it must have glistened like the stars at night with the ice crystals...

I have only one cosmos growing in my garden this year .. I planted others but that spot of earth blossomed too many weeds.. This flower must be a survisor..... I am saving its seeds!!

laura said...

Beautiful photos; I especially love the tree--and isn't Don sweet and charming?! I'm trying to imagine a similar post featuring my favorite alcoholic drink: dry Manhattan straight up!

freefalling said... I watched Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld.

Oh these chicken farmer types - they think poos are suitable subjects for small talk and the like.
(same with horsey types - I work with horsey people - serious horsey people, and they like to tell me about their horses' poos).
THEN - I get the sheep farmers visiting.......

The first shot of Cosmo the tree is beautiful.

I've never tried Cosmo the drink - I'm a "one pot screamer" (is that an australianism).
Cosmo the flower, I love. I like their faces.

Ginnie said...

My eyes filled up with tears, Ruth, when I got to the tree with Don's cardboard sign. Oh my! What a beautiful post!

Ruth said...

Loring, yep. And then you sent me the more specific from wiki 84 and 22 degrees, or something.

And another music rec from you. Thanks!

: : : :

Sharon, I admit I'm partial to trees. Inherited that from me mother.

: : : :

Aunty Sandy, there's just no accounting for taste, eh? I wonder what drink Anet does like? Do I remember her liking homemade wine coolers?

: : : :

Gwen, Don threw a lot of seeds in the area where this cosmos is growing, and they managed to poke their heads up, along with some zinnias.

Ruth said...

Laura, yes he is. And wow! No girly drinks for you!

: : : :

Letitia, yes, I was thinking of that Cosmo too, so funny.

Ok no, I don't know what a one pot screamer is. I think it is another australianism. Please 'splain.

: : : :

Thank you, Boots!

Rauf said...

Ruthie822 dot blogspot dot caam.
Happy birthday Ruth.
Wish you Don and children all the joy and health in the world.

i am not ashamed to ask you to explain this post. i tried to understand and i waited for comments
na na its very thick
actually i feel i am fine. its ok if i don't have intelligence Ruth.
others have it and i love to be in minority always.

Is this a romantic post ? i read that in the comments.

Ruth said...

hehehe, rauf. It occurred to me that anyone not living in the US might not know what I am talking about. So sorry. Simply three different things named 'cosmos' or 'cosmo.' No secret meaning here.

Commenters thought Don posting a sign for me to see on my birthday two years ago was romantic. Yes, it was a very sweet, considerate thing to do.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, rauf.

Ruth said...

Oh, and rauf, the special message to you and Loring about the faeries was just because of your comments in the last post about my special tree in Ireland, and knowing how you feel about myths. Me trying to be funny. You may think you are not intelligent, and I may disagree with that. I may think I am funny, and you may disagree with that, hehe.

Loring Wirbel said...

So wait a minute, what's the date of your birthday anyway, still to come or missed? Faeries come visit me all the time, I just have to decide if I believe in them enough to see them or not!

André Lemay said...

Well the only thing that come to mind is WOW. great pictures and comment for all the week. I have been very busy with my new job but it is temporary.

Rauf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rauf said...

Loring tomorrow for you 22nd, for me it is today, 22nd already here. Happy birthday again Ruth.

Ruth something very disturbing for you.
We have a belief spot and God spot in our brain which has appearedover the years., which wasn't there 7 million years ago when the first human appeared. Brain evolved over the period to have a God spot. God did not create the brain, the brain created God. Here comes the problem. As we evolve, we are not going to do away with beliefs, we are going to come up with more and more beliefs. Belief is not a product of ignorance. Belief is a product of evolution. So Angels and fairies are fine with me.

Loring, i am the first person to ridicule all the myths, i laugh at them. i believe it is very rude to dismiss a myth, a harmless myth, i am guilty of doing that all the time. i think i should change my ways, my attitude.

i believe it is extremely cruel to say there is no Santa Claus.
There is a Santa Claus.

made a spelling correction ruth, ideleted the above comment, i still do not know the spelling of Fairy Faery ?

Ruth said...

Loring, it's the 22nd, as rauf went on to say.

I'd like to hear one of your faerie stories.

Rauf said...

In other words Ruth, The process of natural selection would reject people like me and Dawkins, which is good, and select people like Bush to evolve into higher species.
We are going to have more and more saints in the future. That is not good.

Ruth said...

André, hi! Thank you!

New job?? I hope you like it.

Ruth said...

rauf, thank you again for happy birthday. And it's not even my birthday here yet! This is nice, I like spreading it out.

'Faery' or 'faerie' is archaic, fairy is the more modern one. I don't have an Oxford English Dictionary to look up when 'fairy' began.

I like your paragraph about the belief spot/God spot. And I agree that believing in something else in the mysteries is ok too.

Ruth said...

Owee, rauf, we're simultaneously posting comments. Imagine that. What a world! You 9.5 hours ahead.

Oh dear, Bush is our evolution?

Rauf said...

unfortunately yes Ruth. This is not the first time, the process of evolution has taken wrong turns in the past and has rectified itself, though it takes millions of years, the giant reptiles for instance.

Future generations would be saint like, docile, peaceful, no individuality or creativity. Our minds will be controlled by a few.

Loring Wirbel said...

Happy too-old on 2-2, Ruth! Faeries just flew in to tell me your year will be magical.

Don said...

I love the George MacDonald stories about Faeries. I think we have some living around the woodland pond. They pretend to be frogs and jump into the water when I get too close. Did you see my blog today!? (8-22)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!!!

freefalling said...

Is it today there yet?
It's tonight here, now.
Your birthday is nearly over!
Warm and heartfelt birthday wishes to you, Ruth.
You give human beings a good name!

Anet said...

Happy Wonderful Birthday Ruth!

laura said...

Best Birthday wishes from the Jersey Shore, where it's a glorious day: hope it's the same where you are.
I'll toast you tonight with my Friday night Manhattan(s) (aka Happy Juice)!

Ruth said...

rauf, that sounds like that awful movie made of the Jules Verne story, with Rod Taylor, 'The Time Machine', when all the people were robotic. Yuck. Please be wrong.

Ruth said...

Loring, don't be too-too mean now, just because you'll always be younger than me.

I'm delighted to hear that a) you were visited by faeries, b) you saw them, c) you heard them, and d) they said my year will be magical!

Ruth said...

Donnie, what a sweetie you are! I was surprised, and so happy to see you posted the recent photo of me, taken earlier this summer.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Sharon!!! :D

Ruth said...

Letitia! Oh, how sad, no my birthday is over in Australia. Have to wait a whole nuther year.

Thank you for your heartfelt wishes, and what a super nice thing to say.

Ruth said...

Yay, Anet, thank you! So far it's been fantastic.

Ruth said...

Laura, wouldn't I love to be at the beach today! I'm advising new students, and I'm having a blast (taking a break here as you can see).

Thank you for the Manhattan toast, I'm sure I'll feel it tonight when Don and I are eating our broasted chicken!

Ruth said...

Oops, sorry, rauf, I'm a terrible English major, that was an H.G. Wells story.

Sharon said...

Roasted chicken???!!! Not Floozie? Stiggy?, Dahlia????

Oh, and you do look great in this summer's picture!

Ruth said...

Sharon, oh heavens no! The only home raised chickens we eat are the ones-who-will-not-be-named, as in, we don't name them. Eat Floozie???????? Oh I shudder at the thought. No, we're going to find Bennie's broasted chicken place nearby, since Lesley told us it's related to place in NYC where the chicken is fantastic. Now the thought that there is a chicken place in a podunk town like Grass Lake that also has a restaurant in NYC is beyond my comprehension at the moment, so I'll tell you how it goes.

And thank you, pretty good for 51 (at that time) don't you think?

Don said...

Yea Ruth! I like Laura's Manhattan Toast(s), I think we'll join her...

Happy Juice all around Bartender!

Ruth said...

Oh, and it's not Bennie's, it's Bonnie's, one of the 'Broaster' chains I guess.

gosh I'm hungry . . .

Gwen Buchanan said...

Happy Birthday to You, Ruth.. The 50's really aren't so bad... I'm liking them...

Salute the Cosmo tree for me on your way by!

I'll wave towards the Atlantic during the next while to your son.. Not a bad way to earn a living!!

Bob Johnson said...

Hey Ruth love your posting style and your love of trees, Love Cosmo the tree, at first I thought it was an infrared image, very cool.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, just came from Don's blog, Happy B Day!!!

Stiggy said...


(21 again eh? ;) )

Best wishes from all the Stiggy family!

I really look to your blog to see how photos are MEANT to be taken - you have such a good eye and imagination.




mystic rose said...

Its lovely Don did that for yOur 50th Ruth, That is so sweet!

I love the flowers too! Theya re beautiful, so sunny and joyful in the fields. I tried growing some in a corner, and I think your father in law ais right, they dont look so good in a yard, they need fields with knee high grass, acres of open space and trees to look good.

Hope you had a wonderful time yesterday.

mystic rose said...

After having read Rauf's comment, I will have to make sure Im not sweet anymore. Or I will be extinct. I will be, anyway. Only I thought rauf was actually being affectionate, didnt realsie it was backhanded. :P

Ruth said...

Dear Gwen, thank you! I had a great day. Oh I don't mind the 50s at all, and I am liking them too. I feel that life has just come alive for me since turning 50!

Thanks, I'll say hi to Cosmo for you.

Yes, send Peter your good vibes up there. He has mixed feelings about this gig, but I think it will be great.

Ruth said...

Bob, thank you. And thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great week, and now it's the weekend. Ahhhh.

Ruth said...

Ah, Stiggy! How nice to see you here, away from the coop and the ladies. Thank you so much for coming to say Happy Birthday. And thank you for your nice comment about the photos. It's pretty nice to have such photogenic subjects as Don's chicks.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Mystic, I had a wonderful week actually. So much love and kindness from people I care about. I love birthdays, I know not everyone does. Must be the Leo thing. And Happy Birthday to your husband too, day before mine!

Yes, we must not be sweet if it means we are just part of an evolving horde of sweet compliant robots, eh? What to do.

VioletSky said...

I'll have a lot of reading to catch up with everything...
a belated happy birthday to you!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Sanna, now my birthday stretches almost to September!