Monday, June 09, 2008

tapping the maple

After Anet's neighbor's tree fell in a strong wind, we got ours.

While a group of 20 of us played outside Sunday (some of Don's family were visiting for the day), the weather started to change. Before we realized what was happening, sirens were blowing in town, and our neighbor Bill came over to warn us to get inside.

Just before we got to the basement, the funnel cloud was forming above our house, and this maple tree, the home of the honeybees, split at the Y and fell across the driveway.

We waited out the storm in the basement - my first time ever to do so, and I live in a tornado state!

Then the lumberjacks chain-sawed, tugged, rolled and dragged the fallen timber out of the way.

Only one bee sting, poor Mike.

If you're going to have people visit for a day, be sure to provide thrilling entertainment, and Nature activities. Oh, and if you have a tree fall in your yard, be sure to time it for when there are six burly types to clean it up.

We're so grateful no one was hurt.

(Well, besides Mike's bee sting, and Clyde having a branch fall on his head while he was using the chainsaw.)


Loring Wirbel said...

I just asked if you had gotten hit, before I realized you had posted this! Heard there were deaths in Grand Rapids, Grand Ledge, Spring Lake. This is beginning to happen every day, one of global warming's fringe benefits. Don was lucky to have good help arrive. I was flying over mid-Michigan about 11 pm Eastern last night, for a trip that should have been over at 4 pm.

Anet said...

Oh Ruth, too bad about your tree. I'm so glad no one was seriously injured.
We had the same tornado go through and two huge tree on our street fell. Most of my street is without power, we were lucky. I'm telling you... I'm fearing storms and trees now! My tree in my front yard is so old (sniffy's tree) but luckly it only lost a little bark.
Hopefully the honeybees can relocate. The poor things!

Ruth said...

Oh Loring, I had not yet heard about the deaths. I see now firsthand how easily it can happen. I'm sorry you have to be traveling in this (I just mis-typed and re-typed 'this' - and you know what it was: s***). I'll be asking for protection for you as you get around.

~ ~ ~

Anet, wow, two more down in your neighborhood. As Loring said, this is happening too much now. I wonder if we should start taking down the trees that are compromised somehow. Like this honeybee home, which had very little substance inside. The honeybees are much more active this morning (took the pic this morning), and I think they're waiting for their queen to guide them away.

Sharon said...

Well Ruth, sounds like you know how to plan an afternoon's entertainment!

So glad that no one was hurt, that no structures were hit, and that you had a logging crew handy.

Sandy said...

Wow Ruth, you'll go to any extent for your company! That's why I want to be an auntie. Glad no one was hurt (bad)...Weather all over is wild anymore.


Gwen Buchanan said...

I never realized you would get tornadoes in Michigan .. and Anet lost more trees on her street. Yikes!! Sharon lost trees this year too.. what is going on?
I loved seeing the honeycomb though... That looked like a healthy tree.. and Big!
Really lucky it never landed on anybody or anything...

never a dull moment down your way!!!

freefalling said...

What an adventure!
And you had to wait in the basement!?
Those things only happen in movies!
No one in Australia even HAS a basement!
And how handy to have those lumberjacks with you at the right time!

Kierstyn said...

Hey Ruth--I love the exposed honeycomb in the tree--so glad you always have your camera nearby!

I'm also glad you have a basement. We are also in a corridor in Knoxville but the ground is clay and basements are quite a luxury item--so we have had to huddle in my closet before. I can only imagine how *fun* that would be with visiting guests :)

glad you are ok!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol ... the poor lumberjacks. That was quite the storm! We had a bit of it too, there was a funnel cloud or twister or something that set down not too far from where I am. The thunder is rolling in now as I type. Luckily, I have no trees...'cause I have no lumberjacks ;)

Ruth said...

Thank you, Sharon! The tree fell against a huge spruce and broke some of its branches. I hope it won't be too badly off.

~ ~ ~

Sandy, you still want to be an auntie??

~ ~ ~

Gwen and Kierstyn, the honeycomb is awesome, and the kids really got a kick out of it while their moms thought it was dirty and gross.

~ ~ ~

Letitia, we just live a move here every minute . . . NOT. Seriously though, you don't have basements? I guess they're only for places with extremely cold winters.

~ ~ ~

Drowsey, be safe! Now we're having floods here . . .

Ruth said...

Letitia, um, that should be 'live a movie' . . .

Heather said...

Hey Ruth, Critter and I are without power in Brighton. We lost our power when the storm hit yesterday afternoon and no news when it will be restored. Strange thing, no trees down in our area. Most of Grand River in Brighton was without power yesterday night, too. Meijer was running on generators when we went to get a bag of ice for the cooler. Luckily my grandmother's home has power is only a two mile drive away. I stopped there this morning for a shower before work. Timo doesn't know what to do with himself with no t.v. or internet. I'll let you know once our power is back on. Glad no one was hurt at your place.

Ruth said...

Oh Heather, that's terrible! I hope you get it back QUICKLY! Poor Timo . . .and you! Please let me know if you need anything. Are your parents and their place ok?

Anonymous said...

Well that certainly was good timing! Can your lumberjacks come over and help us cut up our old willow that fell?

André Lemay said...

Glad to see that no one got hurt. You did a great job in turning near disaster in magnificent pictures for everyone to enjoy. Thank. I love the honeycomb.

Don said...

Ruth you'll go to any length to get a good photo op! That was a horrendous blast of wind that came through and took that tree out! If it wasn't a pre-tornado, it had to be close.

Loring Wirbel said...

Well, the entire Mowry clan is very forgiving by hamming it up for the cameras, even when busy with storms in the air. Not once have I seen someone put hands in front of their face, with a mean gesture that says "No paparazzi!"

Ruth said...

Amy, I'm sorry, they're gone! But oh, how sad, there's nothing lovelier than an old willow tree.

~ ~ ~

André, oh thank you, you're very kind with your praise. Honeycomb is a wonder of nature.

~ ~ ~

Don, well you saw it, I didn't. I only saw the result.

~ ~ ~

Loring, I think they were too busy to notice me and my camera!

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, exciting and dangerous. we have plow winds here during the summer, even a few tornado touch downs a plow wind took out one of our back yard 60 ft poplars, fell on the neighbours garage.

Ginnie said...

Thank God for the safety of all, dear Ruth, including the bees. Do the bees have a new home or did their comb stay in tact? What has happened to them? And will you have lots of hard maple wood now for the winters to come??!! So many questions....

Ruth said...

Boots, the bees are still in the hive that is now exposed in the part of the tree still lying on the ground. I don't know what we'll do when Don has to move it. As was suggested, maybe consult a beekeeper. Yes! once the wood is cut and dried, we will have some nice maple to burn in the wood stove.

VioletSky said...

That looked quite the chore to get that tree tagged!

I would think a beekeeper might be glad to help out - is there not still a dearth of bees around? Free honey to the lumberjacks!

Ruth said...

Sanna, yeah, I think the bee colony disorder is still in play, so all the more reason to save this hive. I need to call someone at my agricultural university to help.