Saturday, May 10, 2008

waking up

Do you ever feel that spring is too suddenly upon us? That life is so abruptly growing out of its dormancy you can't keep up with it?

Don't get me wrong, I was longing for spring at the end of a very long and harshly cold winter. But during the long sleep, I got used to the quiet and not worrying about missing something out of doors.

I need to quicken my pace and spend more time outside, with a spring in my step!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Ruth, You are so far ahead of us in your spring... our lilac leaves are still the size of a mouse's ear...

Anet said...

I know what you mean Ruth... it's been happening to me for awhile now. I keep saying "We should be outside!" I'm also afraid I'll miss something. Your lilac are so pretty. Just starting to bloom, you haven't missed them!

Ginnie said...

I know what you mean, too, Ruth! Being gone from AMS for a month meant we came back to "sudden" growth. It feels like summer now and that we almost missed Spring altogether. Maybe we're just in a warm spell right now and things will cool down a bit....?

Loring Wirbel said...

Scrub oak buds were not out three days ago. All of a sudden, they are the size of quarters! What happened?

Ruth said...

Gwen, a mouse's ear, so little and cute. I guess we should all be thankful after seeing Sharon's snow!!

Anet, Boots and Loring, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed the suddenness of spring, at least this year.

Sharon said...


A wildlife gardener said...

I feel exactly the same, Ruth. My garden is suddenly bursting with colour and blossom...and I want to say, "Wait a're going too fast for me" :)

Astrid said...

Ruth you are so right, the temperature is way to high now and nature has exploded, I am on the Island of Texel again, here to, everything is so green and fresh.
I love this time of year, but we have to pay attention otherwise we will miss the beauty.

Sandy said...

Oh...beautiful blooms. I'm taking a few minutes to visit my "blogs" I go to and how cool to see these.

I know that feeling when you feel you are missing something different than in winter when one is okay with being indoors and cozy.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day, Ruth.


Ruth said...

Oh Sharon, you poor thing. How many inches?

* * *

AWG, yes!

* * *

I think it's warmer in Europe now, you've had spring longer too. We have had a glorious spring in Michigan, just the right temperatures for me.

* * *

Sandy, glad you stopped in during your Mother's Day festivities. Thank you for the wishes.

André Lemay said...

Really amazing pictures; I have lot to learn from you. I sent you an email.

Sharon said...

Just 3 or 4 inches, nothing major. It made me smile when I read your post this morning after I had just finished posting about our snow.... quite a contrast! Thanks for the laugh.

Don said...

Ruth, you had major springs in your steps on Saturday! Every time I looked up I saw a blur dashing off somewhere. You actually ran from the clothes line to the house for something, and then came running back. I had to stop the mower a few times just to watch your Spring Energy emerge from winter's cave!

Ruth said...

Thank you again, Andre. All the best to you in your picture-taking too. We can learn from each other.

* * *

Sharon, I hope you enjoyed a warmer day today. I hand it to you for laughing and not crying.

* * *

Don, yeah, what was up with that? I guess I suddenly woke up too, along with the blooms, birds and leaves.

laura said...

My lilacs are done already; looking now to the little buds on the roses ... Here, the incessant rain keeps me from feeling I should be outside more; though I'm doing everything indoors in double-time so I'll be ready when the sun comes back!

lesleyanne said...

i want to smell the lilacs. will they still be in bloom when i see the farm in less than 2 weeks?? i hope so...i do hope so. the farm will be so beautiful.
i love you.

Ruth said...

Laura, I didn't realize you were that far ahead of us over there. Or that you are getting so much rain. Hmm.

* * *

Wesrey, I don't think they will be here, sweet one. But the peonies might be ready! Please find some lilacs, maybe in your favorite, Bryant Park?? I love you.