Thursday, March 06, 2008

full skirt femininity

I am ambivalent about fashion. I'm skeptical of trends that last 5 minutes, yet I love seeing a woman wear a beautiful outfit well.

I wear some of my clothes for 10 years or even longer. I try to buy things that won't go out of style any time soon and update with pieces here and there that will keep me feeling young. I don't have a big closet, and I try to keep my clothes pared down to just a few things.

You have to laugh at haute couture sometimes, but a few years ago I began looking at it as Art, and that changed my perspective. If I don't think of the shows in Paris and Milan fashion weeks as serious wardrobe contributions for the average woman, but as art galleries of a sort, I am more likely to enjoy them. And honestly, these shows are just big expensive marketing events for perfume.

Fall 2008 Ready to Wear hit Paris last week, and the Louis Vuitton collection really caught my eye for its fitted tops and full skirts. I'm sharing two photos without permission, taken by Karen Kooper at the Paris show (above and below). I hope she'll forgive me if she comes here, hehe. The others below, of Audrey Hepburn, I'm afraid I don't know who the photographers were.

Isn't this fez hat fun?

This pic of Audrey and Gregory on the Spanish Steps for "Roman Holiday" - one of my favorite movies - shows how well tiny Audrey wore the 1950s style with the fitted waist and full skirt.

Our old Iranian friend Shirin Majuri designs and makes clothes in her own version of haute couture right here in Lansing. I took a friend to her once to discuss a wedding dress, and Shirin said, "Why would you want a wedding dress like anyone else's?" My friend didn't go with her. But Shirin has a point, I suppose. But, even if I had $1000s to spend on clothes, I wouldn't. And maybe it's just sour grapes, but I think it's more fun to find great looking things at the VOA Thrift Store for $2.50. Think I can find a full skirt like Audrey's?

I hope this full skirt trend lasts more than 5 minutes.


freefalling said...

I am currently experiencing a renewed
interest in clothes - and it's very exciting!
I just bought a nice flippy skirt for winter and a pair of boots just like in photo 2. Although, I must admit I don't have a fez to go with it!
I haven't worn a skirt in years!

Don said...

I must admit that I like how ladies look in skirts, but when I really think about it, I find that I like how you ladies look in anything.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Ah yes, that looks very classy. I must say ... me no nothing 'bout fashion, but I do like that look.

Ruth said...

Letitia, here's to your skirt! Have fun wearing it. I had to chuckle that you got a skirt for winter though. I guess Australian winters aren't like ours.

Ruth said...

Don, how nice.

Ruth said...

Drowsey, I used to be savvy in my younger days. Now I'm a lot more practical.

Rauf said...

i know what i shouldn't wear Ruth.
i find that many do not know what they shouldn't wear. Comfort is my first and the only priority.
i am very selfish about comfort. Except for shoes, i don't remember buying anything for myself. What i have is given by my friends with love.
My sister my niece and nephew buy for me. i feel buying clothes for myself is a waste. i need just a couple and i have a pile. i travel light. No special dresses for special occasions. All same to me.
i avoid high society meetings, i can hardly breathe in such an atmosphere. Avoiding intellectuals and avoiding snobs is comfort. But i like to see my friends dressing well. Sometimes people want to say something nice to me and they search for words. You can't say something nice to a gorilla.
Its a nice shirt they say.
i say oh !
i don't say thank you
i really mean its a nice shirt
i have already said oh ! didn't i ?
i want pockets. not for money, i have none. i keep losing my reading glasses.

Ruth said...

rauf, I don't know what would become of the world if everyone were as sensible as you.

My brother Bennett was very like you, as I've told you. When he died, one person in the family wanted a casket viewing (even though he was to be cremated). I protested but didn't win. Actually I decided the feelngs of the living were perhaps more important than those of the dead, at least in that case. But when that same person wanted to dress him in a necktie in the casket, I drew the line. He only wore a necktie once in the last 20 years of his life: to our father's funeral, which he did out of respect and it was his own choice. I thought it would be entirely ridiculous to dress him in death in attire he would not have worn in life.

Ginnie said...

I always read with interest anything you write, Ruth, even in your comments. So all of this really intrigues me. (LOL at Don!) Clothes are such an interesting commodity! Can't live with them or without them.

I love the clothes that I find beautiful, which tend to be very tailored and man-ish, with vests, boots, tails, cuff links, ties, and yes, even flannel shirts. I would rather shop for men than women, unless the clothes I've said, man-ish, from another era. Weird, I know. If I dressed the way I feel, I'd probably look more like Anne Lindberg as an aviator than Audrey Hepburn as a model. But I'm sure that doesn't surprise you at all.

Ruth said...

Boots, don't forget pockets!

You wear those tailored clothes very well, you've kept your slim figure, and what you wear always suits you. I remember all the clothes you used to sew, including your bridesmaid dresses, and Bill's suits! Talk about attention to detail.

I think my favorite thing you wear, which is a perfect combination of feminine/masculine, is your long suede coat. Classy!

lesleyanne said...

i love the full skirts right now too. seriously. i haven't bought any for myself just yet, but i think i might venture into the nearest H&M, hoping to find one. have you seen Prada's skirts? oh they are just gorgeous.

haute couture is definitely art!! i think of Project Runway this season, with the outfits made from human hair, and folded jackets and outfits for pro-wrestlers. it's just so amazing what men and women have done with fashion. i still subscribe to Vogue after all these years!

thank you for sharing the Audrey photos, i am still so inspired by her beauty.

lesleyanne said...


beautiful floral dresses and skirts. mmmm....wish i had the money for Prada. :)

mystic rose said...

i so enjoyed reading this post. I llove that movie of Audrey Hepburn's as well.. Roman Holiday. She had style! And thinking of this as art, you have just changed my perspective!!

And ofcourse theres Rauf's comment, very well suited to what I was discussing with you. Im right now viewing the link Lesleyanne left here, and liking it :)

Hope you get the comments mailed to you.. :) but if not I will email this.

Ruth said...

Mystic, you know, if we can enjoy these things, and not get too carried away taking them seriously, I think they can be a lot of fun.