Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Please do not ask me why I am posting this photo. I don't have an answer for you. It was taken in the summer, it's not summer now. I don't even know which summer! 2007, I think.
All I know is, I was browsing my photo files, and this Appaloosa (?) horse spoke to me, right out of the computer. She said, "hello there, dear woman. I remember you."
Maybe she will speak to you today, too.
Believe it or not, I have never ridden a horse. I did ride a mule in Turkey once.


Ginnie said...

You have got to be kidding me, Ruth, about never having ridden a horse. No WONDER she is speaking to you! Maybe that can be your New Year's resolution: to ride a horse at least once in 2008! :) Have you/Don ever wanted a horse for your farm? Oh, I can see it now!!!

swedehart said...

Your posts are always so organized, well-thought-out and purposeful- it makes me sick! Just kidding:D I often think about it though, as Swede is driving and I am daydreaming, imagining what it would be like to always create something provocative and inspiring, with your blog in mind. I wonder, when I get old, will I be as refined as Aunt Ruth, or will I always be, yes, you've described it perfectly, random?

Ruth said...

Boots, I doubt Don and I would ever want such a large animal to take care of -- scary! They are beautiful to look at. He is thinking about chickens next summer though. :)

Ruth said...

Swedehart, ah, how kind. It's interesting to hear what you think about my blog, that it's organized and "refined." I really just go with what comes to me, what I'm thinking about at the moment. I'm glad you find it as you described. :)

Ink said...

I listened to the Yale lecture on Imagism over the lunch hour--it seems to me this post is asking to be made into an imagist poem :-)

This wouldn't be an Irish horse, would it?

Ruth said...

Ink, hmmm, imagist poem. I'm liking that.

Nope, this horse is a couple miles from our farm.

freefalling said...

What about sailing?
Have you tried sailing before?
For some reason, I equate sailing and horse-riding.
(they are kinda the same - I think it's the thrill)

Ruth said...

No, Freefalling, no sailing either. So boring.

I can picture you doing both.

mystic rose said...

:). That photo looks beautiful..the sunlightand the grass and the horse looking straight at you..picture perfect!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Mystic Rose. :)