Wednesday, November 28, 2007

torn rotator cuff

Today Don is having torn rotator cuff surgery.
In August the rotator cuff on his right shoulder tore when he caught a ball while pitching for his kickball team.
The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that keep the arm in its ball and socket. These tendons keep the shoulder muscles attached to the shoulder and arm bones. Don's rotator cuff tore from the shoulder bone, so the surgeon will reattach it with suture anchors (think staples).
He won't spend the night, it's outpatient surgery. But recovery for rotator cuff surgery is long and painful, partly because there is not a lot of blood flow in tendons. He will have to endure 5 months of rehab.
The surgeon will also remove a bone spur on his shoulder, and she'll look for any bursa that might be lurking.
The images are from University of Wisconsin Health.


Ink said...

We will be thinking of Don today and send him healing energy! As gruesome as the thought of cutting into the human body is, it is amazing what can be done to repair these kinds of injuries. We look forward to seeing you guys as soon as possible!

mystic rose said...

Im sorry to hear this.. but hard as that is, it is still something that will heal. Hope the surgery goes well, and the five months will just fly.

lesleyanne said...

i didn't realize they're removing a spur as well. i was talking to my friend monique yesterday, and her boyfriend's (also named Chris) dad had a spur removed from his right shoulder yesterday! how weird and oddly timed.

i'm glad he will be healed and eventually out of pain. let me know let me know! i'm thinking of both of you always.

Rauf said...

oh please don't worry Ruth, Don is very strong, your love, children's love and our love and wishes are with him. hope he is back home soon completely healed

Loring Wirbel said...

Best wishes for Don, I hear cuff is next after kidney stones and shingles on the pain scale...

freefalling said...

OWW - he's had that since August!!
I never knew exactly what a rotator cuff was.
And how do you get a spur on your shoulder?
I guess you can be thankful it's not both arms - you know what that would mean!!!!
I hope everything goes well and it doesn't hurt tooooo much - if it does, Vince swears by liquid morphine - Don could try that!

Ginnie said...

Thank you so much for the graphics, Ruth, to educate us. We hear about this injury all the time, of course, but it's good to really know what it is. Thank you. So sorry Don has to go through this ordeal but I guess we can at least be thankful there's a "cure."

swedehart said...

'Tis the season to watch our loved ones experience pain. Thank goodness everything is temporary.

Astrid said...

Ruth I do hope everything will be okay with Don, Ginnie showed me this blog, we had a really nice day together.
Hope for all the best and hope Don will be 'the old one' soon, take care.

Ruth said...

Thank you so much, all of you, for your kind healing wishes for Don. Yes, Ink, I'm utterly grateful for modern medical care.

Yes, Mystic Rose, now the pain is through healing, not injury.

Lesley sweetie, that is odd! It will be some time before Papa will be out of pain, from what we hear. But he is doing much better than we expected today!

Thank you, rauf, we are giving him our love and attention. I'm afraid it will be a long healing process though.

Thank you, Loring. I'm grateful that these first few days have not been bad.

Freefalling, yep, there's always something to be grateful for. Don has some little med pac that will last until tomorrow, and that seems to be doing the trick nicely.

Ginnie/Boots, I was glad to find these images, I thought they were so clear and good. Thank you.

Swedehart, I was sorry to read about your loved ones hurting too.

Thank you so much, Astrid, I'm sure he will start healing just fine. I'm glad you met up with Ginnie!

Anonymous said...