Sunday, November 11, 2007

just so you know

I'm starting a new blog. Yes, me.

SYNCHRONIZING is my primary blog. Flying is my photoblog.

The new one is titled "HUFFING."

v. huffed, huff·ing, huffs 1. To puff; blow. 2. To make noisy threats; bluster. 3. To react indignantly; take offense.

It's a place for me to huff and puff once in a while. Yes, that Bono post got me wishing I had a regular room for that kind of discussion. I hope you'll visit and huff with me.

See what I'm huffing about today . . .


Ink said...

great idea to have a place to huff and puff! As to U.S. democracy and freedom of speech, I wonder if it's sign of the times that someone like me, not a native-born U.S. citizen, but a long-term green card holder, feels reluctant these days to get involved in the kind of discussion you initiated on "HUFFING" today.

Just a thought.

Ginnie said...

Hmmmm. More power to you, Ruth. You live and work in a context that makes your mind go 100 mph, I'm sure, in many different directions. Having a place to rant makes sense.

I will read but may seldom add my 2-cents' worth, which by now feels pretty rusty.

Ruth said...

Ink, maybe a sign of the times. Do you feel like elaborating? Do you fear that your residency could be in jeopardy if you discuss these things?

Ruth said...

Ginnie/Boots, you're probably right that my work context makes me think about things. And I also think it's just my nature to analyze analyze analyze. Stop the madness!!

No pressure to contribute, my dear. But whenever you want to, I hope you'll pipe in! Even if no one comments, I think I need a place to sort things out. For me, having a place to publish these thoughts motivates me to think through what I find important.