Thursday, August 23, 2007

fascinating chaos for LEO this week:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Many of us don't always know what we feel. At times we may have a vivid sense that we feel "something," but we're not sure what it is. That's why musicians, writers, actors, and other creative people play such a crucial role in our emotional lives. Their work can help us articulate the mysteries unfolding within us. But here's the problem:

There are some artists out there who aren't very smart or original; they express only the most hackneyed and superficial feelings. If we look to them for illumination, we're cheated. So your next assignment, Leo, is to home in on the enigmas that are swirling within you by seeking the guidance and inspiration of only the very best artists:
those who have cultivated a high level of proficiency in their heroic struggles to find meaning in the fascinating chaos that surrounds us.

This is just what I need right now, because I'm learning to paint!


Loring Wirbel said...

I need a different astrology column. Mine simply read, "Don't touch anything hot or sharp today."

Ruth said...

Well, Loring, I see that freewillastrology for you has a similar theme:

Gemini (I looked at your profile):
In the coming weeks I'd love you to learn more about how to heal your own pain and wash your own brain and right your own wrongs and sing your own songs. I'll be overjoyed if I see you grow in your ability to unbreak your own heart and unfreeze your own assets and unleash your own surprises and understand your own motives. This is, by the way, not a prescription for loneliness, but rather for self-sufficiency. In fact, the magic that has been missing from your collaborations with others will probably appear as soon as you resolve to be your own guru.

Ginnie said...

Wow, Ruth. This is powerful. Yours AND mine (since I'm Gemini, I got to see it as well--thanks).

Ruth said...

Yep, Ginnie/Boots, I almost said something to you too when I cut and pasted Gemini for Loring.

Raw Kale said...

What is the tree pictured called?

What would you call the red thingys?

Ruth said...

Raw Kale, it's a sumac, and the red thingys are flowers, strange ones.

lesleyanne said...

i think you should paint this picture. the foreground and background would be fascinating translated to paint.

lesleyanne said...

postscript. i like my horoscope for today as well.

Don't try to understand the Great Mystery in the coming days, Taurus. Instead, be the Great Mystery. Don't go with the Flow; be the Flow. Don't struggle and strain to put yourself in harmony with the Creative Surge of the Divine Wow. Be the Creative Surge of the Divine Wow. Do you catch my drift? It has never been more important than it is now for you to be a uniter who is at one with everything and everyone you encounter. This is the time and this is the place for you to be an exhilarating and playful force of nature who's madly in love with all of creation.

Ruth said...

Les, I didn't think of painting this picture, but it's a great idea, because it would be pretty easy for a newbie to focus on these simple shapes. (Yeah, right.) And I LOVE sumac, and they are prolific on the farm, I like red, etc. Bueno idea.

I love your horoscope, and it's really because I already know that about you. You are all those things. It's like you're Sophia, the goddess who created them. So being the Divine Wow is your natural existance. "Don't go with the flow; be the flow." That's you, baby.

freefalling said...

Oh My God - that seems like a lot of pressure to put upon yourself - what happens if you aren't very smart or original - will you love painting less?

Ruth said...

Freefalling, I know there is risk in taking on new art form. I've experienced a range of emotional responses about my photographs and poems already. I've shed tears when my poetry mentor hacked up pieces, especially if they're close to my heart.

One of the most important rules of poetry writing that I learned from her was to not be "hackneyed and superficial" just as Breszny wrote in my horoscope. That seems to be the bottom line for me. If there is no depth or originality, then what's the point? MY ART is the unique expression of what is inside ME that others can relate to in some sort of archetypal way. I think Art SHOULD be that profound and that high of a goal.

If I am not good at it, that will be difficult to face. It's not easy to start something at age 51 and know I may not have the patience and courage to keep after it.

My brother Bennett was incredibly picky about his photographs, only taking one in a thousand as "good." I don't know any other way to approach this but to try to learn from the best and connect with it somehow. I hope if I fail (in my own assessment) I can do it with grace.

Tara's Talk said...

Hi Ruth, I am so glad you stopped by my blog !:) And THANK you for commenting! That was nice of you to come by! I have been enjoying your blog & I see you have others too:)

Oh my gosh! LOL I was taking pics of the weird red flowers the other day (I haven't posted one yet - I am going to soon in my nature blog) & I didn't notice they were from the Sumac & I had my husband come & look at them . . . Good thing I did not TOUCH I am sooooooo allergic to sumac! LOL But they do make beautiful weird flowers, & when they start turning colors, they are very pretty! I love your post;)

Letitia said...

I'm still worried about you, Ruth.
What if you really suck, but painting is one of the most joyous things of your life.
And by whose benchmark do you measure how good it is?
Maybe it is not the finished product, but the expression that goes into it.

Eh - what do I know anyway?

Ruth said...

Tara, I post daily at Flying and a couple times a week at Synchronizing. Paris Deconstructed is in hiatus until I visit again and have new pics.

Yes, it's good you didn't touch the sumac! Ours are so tall, I can't reach the flowers. They're 30 feet or so. They grow very fast, and how they look now is my favorite season of them.

Ruth said...

Letitia, what you don't know about me yet is that if I really suck at painting it probably won't be one of the most joyous things of my life. I'm only now learning (at 51) to just be and enjoy the process of things I do. I do want to enjoy the process. I think that's partly why I want to do it, to try and let go of that attachment to the end result that I want to be GOOD.

The benchmark I use to measure . . .I don't know yet. Because l'atelier/studio is new, I haven't created anything there yet. It feels like a very private space. It feels like it's MINE and DON'S, and so maybe no one else will ever see my paintings, or only if I decide to share. My photos on Flying are public, and this site is to a degree, though not read by as many people. And I've definitely gone through moments of doubt about my expressions when someone challenges me or doesn't think I'm good. But it's been good to go through that and think about it, because in the past I've taken myself too seriously.

Don't worry about me. If I stink at painting, by my own standard, who cares but me? I think I'm starting to be pretty good at laughing at myself.

Ruth said...

I didn't intend to sound in the previous comment like l'atelier is MINE and DON'S alone, at the exclusion of anyone else. It belongs to the Universe, anyone is invited to share. I just meant that I don't expect that others will necessarily see my paintings.

sex said...