Tuesday, June 12, 2007

to a Captain in Iraq

My friend Carrie's husband is a pilot in Iraq.

Don's 3rd graders wrote him letters.

Some of them said they want to be like him.

Derek is a wonderful man.

It makes me sad that he and Carrie are apart.


photowannabe said...

Derek will be touched by all of those delightful letters he will receive. I like to see the kids being able to connect with a real person in the war.
Nice post Ruth.

Ruth said...

PW, I like it too. It's also helpful for me to know someone there, because otherwise it's just too abstract. Thanks, PW.

Rauf said...

Its sad Ruth, and sadder still is that he can't explain to children what he is doing there.

Ruth said...

rauf, I heard last night that he may be able to come back to the States in August and work in an office for a year.

Ginnie said...

So sad on many levels, Ruth! But good for Don's class sending him their home-made cards. He'll love them all!

Ruth said...

Boots, my friend told her husband Derek that these letters are on their way, and he's very excited.

mystic rose said...

Im sure he will treasure these letters for years. And I hope he will soon be back with your friend, safe and sound.
Acouple of our friends have their children there, one an Indiaa girl in her late twenties in the US Navy, and another, a young boy who enlisted in the military just a few months ago. It is heartbreaking to think of them so far away, I cannot imagine how it must be for the loved ones.

Ruth said...

Mystic Rose, I don't know how a parent or spouse or child bears this type of separation and fear. There is a town in Texas (I believe) where a very high percentage of school children's parents are deployed in Iraq. The results are devastating: children staying up all night on watch to keep their mothers from committing suicide, deep pscyhological problems in the kids. Even nothing has happened to their parent, and they are in deep grief and fear. And those in the war who have not been injured physically are going through horrifying psychological trauma. War is an anachronism and a mistake.

Thank you so much for your visit.

mystic rose said...

you are right. and I had not known this fact about the town in Texas. It is very disturbing to hear even. My prayers for them and for all the people whose loved ones are away fighting in these wars.

Most people in the world just want to live and let live.. and yet, a minority manage to instigate and create so much trouble.

Thank you Ruth, it is nice getting ot know you. :) Hope you have a very nice day.

Ruth said...

Mystic, I'm glad to get to know you too! All this time I've seen you at rauf's blogs. :)

Heather said...

Ruth, it was so fun reading some of these cards over at our poetry meeting. I know Derek will be so proud to receive them. Don is the greatest teacher in the universe!

Ruth said...

I agree with you completely about Don. And yes, I can't wait to hear about Derek's experience reading these.