Friday, June 08, 2007

Rob Brezsny's horoscope

I'm not a horoscope fanatic. Sometimes I don't read them at all. When I think of it, or when I get my weekly email from Rob Brezsny, it's fun to see if there are connections with what's going on.
This one is so beautiful, I just have to share it. (You can see your own by clicking on this post's title or "Free Will Astrology" on my sidebar.)

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): The geography of your heart is evolving. In places,
coastlines are disappearing. Elsewhere, new islands have risen out of the
sea. Boundaries are shifting, as some nations dissolve and others are
born. Even the climate is changing, with warm winds blowing where once
there was year-round chill, and monsoon-like conditions invading desert
ecosystems. Roads that formerly led to the center of the action no longer
do, and highways that used to be peripheral are now main routes. I
suggest you take note of all this by redrawing your map, Leo. Get up to
date with your heart's new landscapes.


Ginnie said...

Oh, Man, Ruth! That is downright powerful!

Anonymous said...

wow! So what was the job that you were interviewing for? Your students love you and would miss you so much if you left the department/university.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I love it!!

Ruth said...

Anon., thanks. It was for a study abroad program coordinator here on campus. Sounded great, but it was high paced, and a trade-off of one set of stresses for another new set!

Rauf said...

Warm and inviting picture Ruth, just like you are, matching your beautiful horoscope.
my niece reads mine and tells me sometimes.
It seems my palm is quite different and i have some unusual lines. one chap said that i have already committed murder. i said quite true, i have killed a lot of mosquitos.

Ruth you do not know how serious people are about horoscope in India. Sindu at 33 was not married because her horoscope was not good.
Now she is happily married to Nirmal.

Launch of a political campaign, elections, building construction, marriages, shop openings, all done according to horoscope only after consulting an astrologer.

Rauf said...

i forget what my sign is, i ask my niece and she shouts, you are a capricorm mamadoo

this is what it says

You've gotten a little addicted to habits that are rooted in fear and worry. I suggest we resort to exotic measures to pry you out of your rut. After you read the proposed actions below, compose four more of a similar nature, then go out and actually do at least half of them. (1) On an empty milk carton, paste a collage of cut-out images and phrases that symbolize your anxieties. Then put it on the floor and stomp it to death as you growl. (2) Slap your own hand briskly ten times as you bark, "Stop being such a wuss!" (3) Everywhere you go, visualize yourself being accompanied by three great warriors who're dedicated to your well-being. (4) Gaze at a picture of a person who makes you nervous and yell "I'm not afraid of you, you mysterious slime-sucking bastard."

Ruth said...

rauf, hahahahaha! First you made me laugh out loud about killing mosquitoes, and Don said, "what!" and I just kept laughing.

Then your horoscope! LOL! But he does not need to tell you any of those things, because you have already done each of them 10 times a month your whole life. :)

But maybe there is something you're being a "wuss" about? Hehe.

So Hum said...

These are great ideas, Rauf! I like activities like this, because I can do them with my students! Crushing the milk carton- how powerful! And kids are so tactile.

Aunt Ruth, that horoscope is so inspiring. I think it would be really cool to do a yearly map, so that we can compare the years:) With students, I could have them do a map at the beginning of a semester, and then one at the end of the semester. I love this idea!

Ruth said...

Rachel, yay! for inspiration! Rob Brezsny always does that for me. He's such a goofball and so creative.