Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Love day

I'm not waiting for Valentine's Day. You have received your first Valentine of the season (I think)!
BTW, this photo was taken December 6, which is why there's no snow. See, I was thinking of you even then. :)


Rauf said...

Strong and robust !
Some people are against the hype created by media about v'day and the commercialism attached to it. I think there is no harm, good days special days, make us feel good. I may have nothing to do with diwali or Christmas, but it makes me happy to see people celeberating, buying things, enjoying themselves. these special days help many to survive and make a living.

Ruth said...

Rauf, some years I ignore all the holidays, send no cards, don't contribute to the economy. Yesterday, when I posted this, my heart was so full of love for all of you, all the world, I couldn't contain it. Being a week before Valentine's Day, I decided to let them coincide. For me, Valentine's Day is silly because lovers suddenly go out and spend $100 on a dozen roses, last minute, so their lover doesn't feel slighted. I don't like that Valentine's Day! Don and I do not celebrate it because we are so close every day. Every day is full of love! Why pretend once a year that this person is the most important!?

Growing up, my mom had Valentine cards on all of our breakfast plates when we got up. She did the same on Mother's Day. Said she wouldn't be a mother if it weren't for us.

Ginnie said...

Awww. Yes, my first Valentine of the season. I have mixed feelings about celebrating the day but am certainly not adverse to special expressions of loving care on that day. Of course, it's always more fun if those expressions happen when least expected, both giving and receiving.

Happy love day to you today!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Ginnie! I was listening to an NPR story about a florist in preparation for V Day. The price of roses goes up, and if you don't order ahead, you'll be out of luck. Many people shop for something at the last minute, just so their loved one doesn't feel neglected. On the other hand, the ones who plan ahead and go over the top, in my opinion, that is not as special as a simple gesture of attention day in and day out.

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