Monday, September 04, 2006

Reese Farm sweet corn

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sweet girl with sweet corn

I'm trying to live in the moment. Another summer of eating fresh local sweet corn is coming to an end. I "stopped by" Reese Farm today (it's a good 50 minutes from our place), partly to buy our last dozen ears from the best corn grower in mid-Michigan, and partly to snap a pic for JorgDotOrg's photo hunt. This weeks' hunt: A Person (2 bonus points if they're holding a vegetable).
If this is all we have for supper on Labor Day, I'll be happy. And then I'll be sad. It will be over until next year.
THANK YOU, Reese farmers, for laboring to plant, tend and harvest the best sweet corn!


Ginnie said...

Do you know, Ruth--I tried to find ANY corn on the cob yesterday at the grocery story and couldn't find any (except the prepackaged variety). "The warehouse is out of it," the grocer said. What a disappointment. So I know what you're feeling! So glad you found yours AND satisfied your photo challenge, with extra points :)

Ruth said...

Oh, boohoo, it's very sad. I'm sorry you were ready for it, and it wasn't there. I've had that a few times when a closer corn stand has run out before I got there after that's all I could think about all day at work.

How come we never get tired of it? And to think in other countries they wouldn't THINK of eating corn. It's for pigs! (Guarantee they've never tried MI sweet corn.)

Rauf said...

Suddenly there is sweet corn everywhere Ruth, we never had them before. And it is very cheap. But it is not getting any popular. Don't know the reason, have to find out.
Such lovely heart warming pictures here Ruth.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf. wow, I'm quite surprised you have sweet corn there now! We had sweet corn in Istanbul too, a man sold it out of a heated portable cart on the street. It was all right, but it was quite tough compared to what we get here. I wish you could try our Michigan sweet corn. You would be hooked.