Sunday, September 24, 2006

New growth

Today I'm bringing all the houseplants inside from the porch where they summered. I have quite a collection of these Christmas cacti, since I propogated them over the winter.

You know, I think summer is great, but it's in autumn when you reap the benefits of all that sunshine and warmth. You eat the harvested fruits and vegetables, and you see the new growth that sprouted in the warmth and light.

I've been reading in Tolle about space consciousness, and it comes well timed, because I've been overwhelmed with information overload. I need to be more conscious of empty space, and how it's needed to observe life and also for creativity. I need more stillness.

So all that grey space in the photo is for Life to expand.


Rauf said...

Life would be s dull without changing seasons Ruth. Beautiful picture.

Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhh. I love the thought of you bringing in all those porch plants, Ruth. I love the thought of autumn in Michigan! I love the thought of you needing space for the stillness. Go get it, Honey!

Patty said...

hey there, Ruth! really enjoyed reading all your previous posts: the butterfly pics along with the duck flapping its wings :) your son's band preformance, the misty pumpkin images, the huge mushrooms, the hyperreality post, the Gulliver's Travels post(i didn't know it was a satire either, very interesting-i will have to read it again someday soon).

might be a week or two before i can comment again-pretty busy and i still haven't finished rewriting my essay and I only have about 10 hours left(including everything else i gotta do).....yikes!

and, oh, I know the feeling of needing space and not wanting anymore info going in my poor brain! i'm really gonna feel that on tuesday when i spend all day studying for my first government test on wednesday. oh dear.

take care and see ya in a week or two!

ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf. I agree about the seasons. We lived in southern Calif. 5 years, and I missed the dramatic changes in Michigan.

ruth said...

Ginnie, yes, I knew you would understand.

ruth said...

Patty, how nice to see you! Wow, can't believe you took time to read all those posts. I know how busy you are. Being a student is the hardest time to find space, but even 5 minutes helps.

I have SO been enjoying your pictures. If you're like me, taking photographs and sharing them is a "space" maker and a real break from the busy-ness of life. I'm glad you have that.

Good luck on the govt. test!

Don said...

the plants have grown considerably since early summer! We are experiencing the "greenhouse effect" inside now and that is a good thing! I wonder what outdoor creatures have made their homes in the pots and plants? I guess you'll document that for us with your camera?

Ruth said...

Don, ha! I've already seen a silverfish or two (yuck). And I won't be documenting them.

Heather said...

Can you clip a cutting from a Christmas cactus? I'm sort of curious if I could grow one successfully at my house. Chris is pretty allergic to most everything, but maybe he wouldn't be allergic to a cactus. Hmmm?

Ruth said...

Heather, I can bring some clippings to Sapphos for you. I think I have heard that cacti are good for people who normally have plant allergies. Do you want me to put them in a little pot for you? Or do you want to do that yourself?