Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Island

I have a new post at Paris Deconstructed, about the island in the Seine where the Notre Dame sits. Bridges, bridges and more bridges.



Mrs. M. said...

Thanks for the wishes! I still have your birthday gift from my 8th birthday...a children's book I read to my own girls. I remember going to Fanny's Italian restaurant with you that night.

Let's go to Paris with our husbands before our next "big" years!!

Are you feeling better?

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., yes I'm feeling a bit better, thanks.

Do you still have the big Maurice Sendak calendar I made (Chicken Soup with Rice) for you?

Oooooh, Fanny's. I LOVED that place. The best spaghetti I've ever had. Don and I had our first date there. :)

Going to Paris together sounds tres magnifique!!

So what are you doing to celebrate the big 4-0?

Ginnie said...

Ohhhh, I forgot Shari's birthday! Actually, I remembered it many times before the actual day...and John's as well...but just not on THE day. Rats! Thanks for the reminder.

Mrs. M. said...

This is so odd--I thought I left a comment, but it's not here!

Thanks for the wishes! Yes, still have the calendar.

We went to a new Mediterranian restaurant on Main St. called Sangria. It's a tappas menu, and was so good! Our closest friends, Ron and Linda, treated Garland and me for our birthdays.

Last weekend, Mom threw a surprise party for Garland and me--they came down for the weekend and even flew Emma into town! This weekend I planned an impromptu getaway to NYC for Garland and me. We're going to see The Producers Saturday night. I hope we can meet up with Lesley!