Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New York Region Braces for Triple-Digit Temperatures

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Yay, for us, we are heading to NYC tomorrow until Saturday to be with our daughter, Lesley! This photo is Lesley on a loom weaving a gorgeous fabric at art school where she just graduated. Now we get to see her in her new environment.

Too bad for us the heat shows no sign of letting up, here or in NYC. The headline on the NYTimes reads like the title of this post. Here's the article. Mayor Bloomberg has removed fees for state beaches and city pools so folks can cool down. All over the Midwest and East coast there are cooling centers for the elderly and anyone who needs to keep cool. We need to conserve energy to prevent power outages.

I doubt there will be time for a blog post from NYC, and anyway, I'll save a little bit of energy by not turning on a computer. :

I'll talk with you when we're back. Love you all!


Donica said...

Have a GREAT time and give our love to Lesley! Only a few days after you return and it will be FARM DAY!! WOOHOOOOO!! Then we will get to see Lesley too.

Ruth said...

YES! We can't wait to welcome you to the farm again!! It's always a better place when you're here.

We will pass your love on to Lesley, thank you!

Ginnie said...

Me, too; me, too! Pass my love on to Lesley and let's hope we all can see each other soon! Stay cool as much as possible.

Ruth said...

Thank you, we will! We hear there may be a break in the heat by Thursday (some storms are coming?).

Talk with you soon.

Rauf said...

Don't know when we will wake up Ruth. 10 degrees rise in temprature is predicted in next few decades, if we continue the damage.

Ruth said...

Rauf, I want to see "An Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore's film about global warming. I hope it will help wake up the humans on the planet. If humans, within the corporate world, wake up, then things could change.