Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy me, to birthday . . .

No, it’s not a typo (it’s not supposed to read “Happy birthday to me”). It’s sort of like an Emily Dickinson line with a strange verb: to birthday.

It’s just my way of saying that on this, my 50th birthday, I have as much happiness as anyone can stand, and “to birthday” in this life is a gift I deeply appreciate.

  • I am happy to be half a century old and be healthy and of sound mind (mostly).
  • I am happy to have a smart, handsome, handy, faithful, funny, healthy husband of 28 years who treats me like a (Leo) queen.
  • I am happy to be mother of a woman and a man who make me proudest for who they are, not what they have accomplished (which is a lot).
  • I am happy to be part of an extended family that is incredibly loving and supportive, and crazy when necessary.
  • I am happy to have friends who love me very well. Yes you. (Family included.)
  • I am happy to live on a splendid little farm with animals, birds, trees, stones, buildings, paths, chairs and a nature spirit that has bid me welcome from the moment we first met.
  • I am happy to work at a job I love (mostly).
  • I am deeply, intensely happy, even without all these things, at least I believe that I am. If I was like Job, and all this was taken from me, would I still be full of joy?
  • I am happy to be connected to Life.

I could make a list of 50,000 things I am happy for. The point is, I share my happiness with you today. Happy (my) birthday – to YOU! AND, thank you for the gift of you.

(Can you guess why I chose the photo, above? Hint: there is more than one reason. First, do you know what it is?)


Don said...

Happy is the best place to be on your birthday and on any day, and I'm so glad I get to be happy with you every day!

Mrs. M. said...

I hope you have a great day today celebrating 50 years!

I agree, you are truly blessed in each way I think of you.

Enjoy today to its fullest!

Mei Shile said...

Happy birthday to you, Ruth! Welcome in the 50 Club! Now you'll be able to drink Labatt 50 brand of beer without hiding :-D.
BTW, we're close about birthdays, mine was last Wed.

Ginnie said...

Oh, Ruth! I love how you have birthday-ed yourself. It is so appropriate for this milestone. I love Don's comment about "Happy is the best place to be on your birthday and on any day." You really ARE happy and blessed.

As to the photo, NO, I do NOT know what it is! At first I thought it was reeds at the edge of a pond, but how did they get painted?! Then I thought they were spines of books, but not really, 'cuz you wouldn't want them sitting in water. BUT, whatever, I love them leaning forward to the life ahead of you and, in the reflection, looking back to all your gifts of happiness.

You are OUR gift. We've been birthday-ed with/by you!

Heather said...

Happy, happy birthday. If you downloaded Skype I could sing happy birthday to you over the computer. :)

Rauf said...

Thanks for sharing your joy with us Ruth, You are truly blessed.
So are Lesley, Peter and Don.

I tried, but I have no clue, the picture looks like a fence to me.

Donica said...

Oh Happy Day to you, Ruth! I hope you and Don had a special celebration together to honor your day.

I have no idea what the picture is or why you made that selection.....

Ruth said...

Thank you, Don, we're pretty fortunate.

Mrs. M., thank you; soon yours will be 40!

Mei Shile, Thank you! :) Now I definitely have to try this Labatt 50.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I like the point you made about the things in the photo moving forward! Thank you for the birthday wishes, many times over.

Heather, man! That would have been cool! I want to hear you sing. :)

Rauf, thank you for your birthday wishes, you're so kind.

Donica, thank you! Don, Peter and I went to my favorite restaurant, the Common Grill. It was great!

Ruth said...

Ok, so here's the reveal. The photo is of scaffolding, dismantled. This particular scaffolding was used in the construction of a parking ramp behind my office building. For some reason, when I was browsing my photos for an appropriate shot for this post, this one reminded me of birthday candles! :)

Also, the idea of scaffolding really appeals to me -- separate pieces that become one for a purpose of building.

Ginnie said...

Awww. Whoever would have thunk!

rachel said...

Too bad, I was too late to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday- but I'm sure you don't mind if your blessings extend further than one day! I had solved the riddle about the candles. I suppose under a microscope, that's probably how the frosting looks, too:) It reminds me of your post about fences- how perfect that you would choose to post something most would regard as ugly, appreciating the beauty of water and its ability to purify almost anything, altough the process may look a little messy. Hugs!

Ruth said...

Ginnie, yeah, pretty random, I know.

Rachel, nice to "see" you! Good for you that you figured out the birthday candles connection! :) And thanks for your lovely interpretation. The water was standing after many rains, and there was something beautiful to me in these metal pieces in the dirty water. Go figure. :)

thehealingroom said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ruth!
I thought you may have chose the photo for the lovely patina that metal gets as it ages. That because of its age it is more of a work of art now than a funcional item.
(Also, the mud puddle looked like chocolate milk....and everyone needs chocolate on their birthday!!)

Susan said...

My dear sister, Ruthie!

How wonderful that you are at your prime, and are in the "happy" group! I loved reading this blog just now (sorry that moving 2 homes and 2 offices into 1 location -- all at the same time -- have been so consuming in my world)....thanks for posting it! I enjoyed every happy reason for celebrating life--and you!!

When I first saw the photo, I thought of sorry I wasn't smart enough to think about many multi-colored candles to celebrate the "Big 50!"

Again -- Happy, happy birthdaying (it's OK when it goes on for days and days..... :)

Love you so much, Susan

Ruth said...

THR, I really like the aging patina, and also the chocolate milk. Brilliant!

Ruth said...

Dear Susan, how sweet of you to stop by! I know how busy you are, and you must be exhausted. Can't wait to see your new place one day.

I love you too!