Friday, July 14, 2006

On our way

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Tomorrow we leave for two weeks in Cork and Dublin, Ireland, but we will keep in touch with you from there. I'll be posting and commenting and doing what I can to keep up with you.

The corn was breathtaking this morning coming to work, so I leave you with it. You can see it is tassled (on top)! And this means the corn is almost ready to be picked! Alas, we will be away when the first of it is harvested. But there will be plenty to devour when we return, I trust.

I'm moving with leaden feet today as the attacks in Lebanon, Israel, India, and of course those we don't hear so much about, explode in our ears with hatred. But not our hearts. No one can put hatred in our hearts. Only we decide what is there.

And with that, I send you all my love.


Mrs. M. said...

We will pray for you this:

moments to breathe in your experiences

go to St. Michan's for the crypt tour (WELL WORTH IT-the guide is a crack-up)

enjoy a guinness on the 7th floor and think of us!

luvs to you both

Ruth said...

Thanks, Mrs. M.! I really appreciate it. St. Michan's is on the itinerary, so that's good. We'll definitely have a pint at the highest point in Dublin (Guiness).

Ruth said...

. . . oh, and we'll think of you, Mrs. M. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a very blessed time together. Ireland is one of my very favorite countries to visit. There is absolutely nothing like a guiness on tap in Ireland. The students will love the both of you.
Love them all for their parents, and most of all, have fun!!!

Ruth said...

Thank you very much, Anonymous. You're right, we're caring for them in their parents' stead.

Wish I knew who you are!

Ginnie said...

Though so long ago (18 years?), I have such fond memories of Dublin and Cork. Godspeed to you both. You'll be in my heart and mind all the way. (You're so right about US deciding what's in our heart.)

I love that view of the corn!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Ginnie! We'll think of you and Donica many times I'm sure.

Rauf said...

Yes Ruth its sad, we can't remain insensitive to what is happening around us.
Wish you and Don a safe journey and return. Have a wonderful time.
My regards to you and Don.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf.

Heather said...

Don't you just love that corn stalks have tassels. Makes me think they're strippers with tassels swinging from their nipples.

Have a good time in Ireland. Take picture of a sheep for me, and find some heather while you're there.

Mrs. M. said...

a great store on your way from trinity college over to grafton st. is the House of Ireland. i found it to have the best prices on quality irish linen, crystal, china, and aran sweaters.

quite frankly, i can't recommend it enough! and they give you back the duty immediately in the store!

Ruth said...

Heather, ok, when I see sheep and heather, I'll snap away.

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., thanks for the tip. We're on Grafton St. right now at a cyber cafe, will look for House of Ireland.

Don said...

Ruth is quite the Dublin guide! We are walking around and taking in some sights! I am in love with Ireland already! However, I am doing a really good job of whining about being sleepy. The sun sets early when you fly east and boy does it ever rise early when you're at 35,000 feet! I think we had about three hours of darkness.

Thank you for your kind thoughts Mrs. M, Anon, Ginnie, Heather and Rauf.

Donica said...

Ruth & Don-welcome to this side of the ocean! If I had been thinking clearly, and known I would still be in Hannover, I could have planned a short trip to Dublin to meet you for lunch. Too bad! Maybe next year the timing will work better.

Have a GREAT time!

lesleyanne said...

get some of that corn for farm day, cuz i GOTSTA have some michigan corn!!

you will have such a nice time across the sea.

i'm listening to enya so much, and thinking of you papa, enjoying the time on their shore.
glad to hear from papa that you're having a great time!
write soon and i love you.

lesleyanne said...

i meant, thinking of you AND papa.


Ruth said...

Donica! So glad to hear from you now that you're back home. I hope you're feeling well!!! We were so sorry to know you were in pain.

Oh man! that would have been fun to meet up over here!

Ruth said...

Lesley! I wish you were here with us, you and Bo! After resting a bit yesterday, we're feeling good today. Lots of errands for the program to do. Just got the phones topped up.

Great idea to have corn on Farm Day. Did you get a plane ticket yet??

Ing said...


Thank you for this beautiful image! I stole it for my desktop. Hope you don't mind. There is something about corn this time of year that's akin to the ocean for me.

Love & miss you!


Ruth said...

Ing, I loved that morning driving to work through the corn. I'd never thought of it being like an ocean, but I agree with you. It has that infinite sense about it.

Love and miss you too! So much!