Monday, June 05, 2006

Iris, continued

The iris is at its loveliest in nature. But I can't help playing with it in other formats, emphasizing its simplicity, which can be lost en masse.


Amy said...


Ruth said...

Thanks, sweetie. :)

Rauf said...

I love the light and shade Ruth.
We should be thankful to the flowers who bring so much of joy in our lives. How they change our attitude, how they change our mood.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf. I get so much joy from flowers.

Now I'm trying to find joy and beauty in strip malls. It's a challenge.

Ginnie said...

Very beautiful, indeed. I like how you're seeing things with new eyes, through the camera's lense. It's a new world, isn't it!

Ruth said...

Yes, it is, Ginnie. But as I commented on your last comment in the previous post, I recognize that I'm not 100% at peace about it. I have to monitor my instincts to "go for the shot" rather than absorb the moment. Not resisting it all too much, just trying to observe myself.

(jeez, I'm so analytical.)

lesleyanne said...

i love this!
i had to look twice to see if you had actually taken it, and i recognized the vase.

where did you take it?

Ruth said...

Les, in my home studio. :) (living room with your foam board)