Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rambling Ruth

Some last minute thoughts before my week's vacation starting tomorrow.
  • I am SO ready. Too, too many student emails.
  • Lesley graduates today -- hurrah! SO much hard work for so long, and now it continues to pay off: internship at Pink Inc in NYC! Congratulations, my beautiful daughter! Now, for a place for her to live . . .
  • Don found 20 more morels this morning (after abundant rain): one fantastic breakfast.
  • My son Peter's new CD will be completed soon . . . I HOPE!
  • There is a potential client from S.U.N.Y. (without marketing!) for my new travel coaching business: synchronicity abounds (that's NOT the name of my company . . . but it's not bad).
  • The forecast is nothing but rain for the whole week. But it's ok: I love rain. (Sun would be nice too, for pictures. Maybe I'll learn to take rain photos . . .)
  • I'll check in with you while I'm away (yay, Wi-Fi).


Ginnie said...

Rambling Ruth has excitement out the wazoo these days! I can hardly stand it for you. Wish we could be with you as Lesley graduates today. Feel our spirits amongst you and whoop it up.

Tomorrow's trip to Paris is so soon here. Finally :)

rachel said...


Rauf said...

'I hope you dance'
Lee Ann Womack

Mei Shile said...

Have good holidays, Ruth! And all the good stuff for you and yours!

Ruth said...

Ginnie/Boots, we were so proud yesterday; Lesley went on stage for TWO awards -- so deserving. I love you.

Rachel, Thank you, I miss you!

Rauf, I love that, thank you.

Mei, Merci!

Ginnie said...

Two awards beside going on stage to graduate?? Ohhhh. So fun. Were they in recognition of the two awards she already won or were these two NEW ones? Pray tell.

Ruth said...

Yes, Ginnie. They were 1) artistic achievement in her department (interior design) and 2) writing achievement for her senior thesis in her department. She knew she had won them but did not know she would be recognized (along with students from other departments) at the ceremony.

Nathan said...

Lesley will find a place to live. i know it's overwhelming right now, but it always works out for those coming to NYC like this. she has some connections here and we're working hard on finding the right place.

Ruth said...

Nathan, you don't know how much good it does me to know you and Nancy are in the City, and doing what you can to help Lesley find a place -- and just being there. I'm sure you're right, that it will work out. I have no worries, and neither does she. She's ready to live in a youth hostel!