Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day parade

In the U.S., the last Monday of May is Memorial Day, mostly to remember fallen soldiers from our wars. But many of us also take the opportunity to visit graves of our loved ones who've passed on, unrelated to war.

I don't think I've been to a Memorial Day parade since I was a little girl, when I rode my bicycle in my hometown parade. I remember decorating my bike with red, white and blue crepe paper in the spokes of the tires. I was proud to ride across the bridge downtown.

So here is our even smaller home town's parade. It was hotter than blazes, but thousands of us turned out to honor our war veterans and fallen soldiers.

I hate war, so don't get me started. But I got teary watching the beautiful old men and women who served in WWII, and the Vietnam vets who are starting to look about as old as me.

In our small farm town, everyone who can or wants to rides in the parade. After the vets come the antique cars and tractors. Here's an interesting one.


lesleyanne said...

why didn't you and dad drive his tractor?? how cool would that have been. =)

i can just imagine you as a little girl riding your bike in that parade. what a nice image.

Ruth said...

Les, the tradition seems to be that if you don't ride your tractor in the parade, you at least park it in your front yard to join in the community admiration of tractors. Maybe one or the other next year. :)

Yeah, I don't remember anything about the parade except me on my bike on the bridge, and lots of red, white & blue.

Rauf said...

One good thing about blogging is, I am going to all the forgoten places, I am looking for subjects, pictures, though I have lots of pictures taken in the past but I am looking for something new.
I have heard about the memorial parade
but never seen any pictures thank you Ruth.

Ruth said...

Rauf, we found out later that our town has the best tractor parade around. Worth a trip to the States? :)

Ginnie said...

Awww. And I had the same question as Lesley--why weren't you and Don on your tractor??!! That would have been a hoot. Do you know that I actually remember Jim singing at one of our hometown parades one year. Can you imagine that? But I have NO mem'ries of riding any bike in a parade. Boo Hoo.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, Oh my, I don't have that memory of Jim singing! Whoa. Too bad you didn't get to ride your bike in the parade. I really got a kick out of it -- one of my few strong childhood memories.