Monday, May 01, 2006

Jasmine tea

Click on image for larger view where you can see the bubbles in the flowers

My friend Diane served this jasmine tea the other night. It was one of those moments when the vision, the scent and the feel were equally enrapturing in a sudden, extemporaneous way. Those who live in more exotic places have no doubt seen a jasmine tea flower open like this in hot water. I had not.


Ginnie said...

Oh, I want to "experience" one of these in real life one day! Clo had photos of them on her site awhile back and I fell in love with them. How fun.

rachel said...

So where can you get the jasmine flower that will open?

Rauf said...

Its pretty common here Ruth, with a dash of mint. without sugar if you want to enjoy the flavour. I think you have to stop boiling at the right time to get the right flavour.

dreamwalker said...

I saw that on Clo's blog too for the first time, but hers was Jasmine and Lily tea.

Love your photo!!

Ruth said...

Ginnie, how cool that Clo showed them too.

Rachel, I meant to bring the packet that it came in so I could answer just that question. I'll try to remember it tomorrow.

Rauf, yes, without sugar is how I drank mine. So delicious. Nice with mint, I imagine.

Thanks, Dreamwalker, I love how it looks too, and I don't tire of staring at it.

Amy said...

LOVE the picture -- I was looking for a reference to a cookbook for that photo. I could almost feel the warmth and smell the jasmine.

Amy said...

P.S. I don't think I was clear . . . I, of course, know that picture is yours! I made the cookbook comment to suggest that it was good enough to be published! :-)

Ruth said...

Amy, it took me a minute, but I got what you meant. :) Thanks for the compliment. I feel it's the subject that makes it so beautiful, not the photography necessarily. Sometimes the photo can't help but be beautiful when the subject is so perfect.

Ruth said...

Rachel, the company that sells the one I drank is This one is called "jasmine bloom."

"hand-woven tea cluster magically unfolds to reveal a jasmine flower hidden within, infusing your cup with its delicate scent"