Monday, May 22, 2006

"HI", from the farm

Vacations are lovely, a needed pleasure away from routines. But it's even sweeter to come home, especially when home is such a haven as this.

Click on photos to enlarge.

I'm glad the lilacs are still blooming because of cool temps.

Posted by Picasa Can you believe this euonymus spelled out "HI"?

Posted by Picasa Lesley and I found a frog in the thyme yesterday.

Posted by Picasa Prisms dance all over the atelier from the sun through the leaded glass window.


Mei Shile said...

Lilacs started here this week even if weather is cool. Among my favorite flowers.
And a frog. Even at your farm you find some traces of French culture :-)!
It is a very nice reflection you got on your carpet

Rauf said...

Good to be back home Ruth, fresh lovely pictures, made me happy

Ginnie said...

You are now so in your element, Ruth. But you also were last week, so I ponder these two sides of you. Hmm.

And yes, the pic of the euonymus is amazing. You had your eyes wide open!

Ruth said...

Mei, I never once thought about the frog/France connection! Thanks for that. :)

Rauf, I'm so glad the photos made you happy too.

Ginnie/Boots, as you know, the farm side is new. It's such a privilege to connect with the earth.

lesleyanne said...

i'm surprised you didn't show me that 'HI' on the side of the barn! how i may have to go check it out.

[[mmmm....look at those nails]]


Amy said...

I need to come visit! Looks like such a relaxing, welcoming haven indeed! Great pics . . .

Ruth said...

Les, I didn't realize you hadn't seen "HI". So fun!

Ruth said...

Amy, you are always welcome, you and Nicholas.

Don said...

The HI is surprising. However, I accidentally weed whacked a part of it and I'm afraid it is turning into hi. The message is still the same, but less emphasized.

Ruth said...

lol, so now it's not yelling it.

rhart said...

I forgot about lilacs. WE get all sorts of blooming trees in Arizona- it's amazing- but lilacs we have not:(

I planted a garden- small- but a handful. Just corn, cantalope and sunflowers. Cross your fingers, the sun is getting hot- if I accidentally forget to water it once, it could be fatal at this stage in their growth.

Good news, I started from seeds, and I do have plants now!

Ruth said...

Rachel, is that you? So nice to see you again. I wish your seeds well. And I'm still waiting for photos, which I hope you can send along if you have time, since you don't have time for a blog. Hiking photos, and flowering trees, and your garden as it grows, please.