Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Maize, blue (make) green

There was a conspiracy yesterday on the campus of Michigan State University. Everywhere I turned I saw maize and blue (colors of a certain Michigan university down the road).

But it's all good. There's still plenty of green to go around.

This is just a nod to the power play I feel in the air today (that has nothing to do with school colors). Power is part of our essential nature. Do I use it? Lose it? Abuse it?

The buds on the beech tree in front of my building


Ginnie said...

That "certain Michigan university down the road" does not mean for you to see green, I'm quite sure, but I'll hand it to you nonetheless :) You have a way to make us peacefully coexist!

I see that your forsythia is now in full bloom, which gives me a feel for how much behind you are Atlanta. Actually, you look like Hannover. In fact, Donica mentioned that when we arrived on Monday.

Good "Power" questions, especially for us women! (And for me, being retired.) Anything we need to talk about? :)

Ruth said...

Yes, yellow everywhere. I thought Germany was a bit ahead of us, but apparently not, at least not where you are.

Oh I'd love to talk with you about the power stuff. Mostly about personal identity and finding ways to take power with me, even in a context of super intellectualism (my department and the field of poetry). There's such a fine distinction between ego power and personal power, and then taking MY perception of all that and myself into relating with people.

Ginnie said...

Guess we'll have to start a list for conversations at the cottage, if not before :)