Saturday, March 04, 2006

Turkish Mantı, part two

Don, Peter and I worked for about two hours rolling the dough, cutting the dough and filling the dough with meat filling. What a lot of work!

The dough was very stiff, which made the rolling out difficult.

But when we finally got the dough thin enough, it turned out perfectly.

The result was delicious!

But we're thinking the imported dried pasta works pretty well and is a close facsimile. I don't know that we'll ever do it from scratch again!

At least we can say we did it once.


Ginnie said...

I am darn-tootin' proud of you, Ruth, for doing it at least once, just to say you did it. It looks absolutely wonderful, and if the imported stuff is somewhat as good, we'll have to put in our order to try it with you the next time we see you. A deal?

dreamwalker said...

It looks absolutely delicious. I tend to eat 'fast' food, and I'm not refering to take-aways. I'm no cook, and I admire people who can.

Donica said...

It looks great Ruth! What a great family event...working together in the kitchen. I think your family does that quite well. We'll have to try the frozen/imported variety when we get together.

Ruth said...

Thank you, G, DW and D!

DW, It's hard to get motivated to cook if you don't derive pleasure from the experience.

G & D, yes, we'll definitely make it for you with the pasta we buy in AA.

Are you both in Germany now??

Donica said...

I am in Germany and Boots leaves ATL this evening (arriving here tomorrow!!)

lesleyanne said...

it's so great how the image of your manti looks so much like the image you found...!

i only wish i could have been there.

Ruth said...

I wish you could have too, sweetie. Now that I know you'd like to try it again, we'll make sure you're home next time (with the dried manti).

Ing said...

I love the photograph of your hands kneading the dough!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Ing. Wow, were my forearms sore the next day.