Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Don and I started a running program yesterday. (If I say “running program” it sounds like a commitment, and I need this to be a commitment.)

No matter that the temp was in the 20s with serious wind taking it down into the teens. We were warm enough, and the psychological momentum of finally DOing it had us both geeked.

(Don was a Wisconsin state track star in high school. He still holds his high school record for the 220. So training in winter feels like old times to him.)

We were going to try to run indoors at Jenison Fieldhouse, but the indoor track is used by athletes for training until 6, too late for us. We were glad we started out in Jenison though, because we got to brush shoulders and reap some wind from the MSU tracksters heading for an outdoor run.

Do I want to be 19 again? NO WAY! Do I want to whip this almost-50-year-old body into shape? You bet!

We ran along the Red Cedar River and crossed the footbridge, both pictured here.

BTW, the photo of the woman running at the top, it’s not me! But it looks like it could be, doesn’t it?

Woman running photo in original context:

Red Cedar River photo in original context: rorybear/pp2.html

Pedestrian bridge photo courtesy of the MSU Dept. of Chemistry:


Amy said...

You go, girl! ;-)

Ginnie said...

You go, Girl, is right! What a fun thing for you and Don to do together. If I lived near you, I'd crash the party :)

Nathan said...

i don't know if you guys have a "run" in mind as a motivator (i recommend doing that, btw, like get yourself on some 5k or 10k roster scheduled for June), but if you are, and you want to go crazy with a marathon as the goal, you should check out "Marathoning For Mortals" from the library. it has some good training charts in the back of the book.

(btw, i haven't run in months, so don't think i'm trying to be know-it-all with this post! :)

Ruth said...

Thanks, Nathan. I will definitely check that out, because I'd like to have a goal like 5k's or 10k's. It's clear from your blog that you're not a know-it-all (maybe a "know-a-lot-who-keeps-learning"). :)

Ginnie and Amy: Thanks for the encouragement! And, Boots, I wish you were here. Wouldn't that be fun to run together!

lesleyanne said...

that's so great mom!! i'm happy for you two. running in the winter must be so invigorating. =)

Ruth said...

Daughter: Yeah, but we have to watch out for those shin splints, eh?

rachel said...

Those pictures of the river are beautiful! My friend Jose Hollmann and I used to go for long walks in the winter all along the grand river. At night time it's magnificent, especially when it is snowing. I have just picked up hiking Squaw Peak again. I feel so revived and energized.

lesleyanne said...

shin splints...eww. =)

Ruth said...

Rachel: Send us photos of squaw peak, would you? Sounds like a magnificent place to hike.

Rachel said...

yes I will!