Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At the office

Hubbub and hullabaloo.

New office furniture was delivered for me and four other staff members in the English department yesterday. It felt odd, because our department is "poor" when it comes to material goods. We all had hand-me-down furniture (like my 1970s Steelcase desk), nothing matched, of course, and we kind of liked it that way here in this 100-year-old university building.

So getting new furniture takes some getting used to, but I love it! I'm surrounded by more flat surfaces than I ever have been! And this allows me to spread out papers when I meet with students; what a luxury.

But my favorite piece in the office is still very old, maybe as old as the building. This photo shows just the right upper side of my huge book cabinet, with the teapots for the English Tea lined up on top. The way my new computer desk sits, I face this view.

I have a Turkish kilim on another wall, one Don bought in our Istanbul days.

This is my little painting , a copy (different colors) of Paul Klee's Senecio.

I love my workplace.


Amy said...

Looks beautiful, Ruth! So important to feel comfortable in the area where we spend the majority of our time!

Ginnie said...

And now I get to see what you see every day at work! Thanks for giving this mini tour :)

Ruth said...

Thank you both!