Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is new!

Here's hoping I'll learn how to do the blog thing. After myspace, I've been feeling too little flexibility. Maybe being able to post photos more easily at blogger will help me stick with it.

I took some shots of the farm today. Lovely winter in Michigan.


Ginnie said...

Oh Ruth! I'm so excited you're doing this with Blogger! And I love the template you've chosen (as well as your title). If I had to do it over again, I'd probably choose a different one. Oh well.

You're gonna love doing this, I 'spect. I hope so.

Btw, Donica couldn't leave a comment because you have disabled anonymous comments. The way you can eliminate spam is to enable the "word verification" option (on the Dashboard page). With "anonymous" enabled (after all, that's how you always signed on to my blog!), it will also enable "other," where Donica can sign in as herself, while not having her own blog. Make sense?

Ruth said...

O.k., I'll try to fix that! Thank you! I didn't mean to disable anonymous. :|

Shaista said...

Ruthieee!!! Am starting right at the beginning - I always wanted to read your archives like a book, but could barely keep up with the present! I don't feel sad that you won't be writing at the same pace as before - I get a chance to catch up on six years of Ruthie-ness! Am so excited about this :)
Love you a million gazillion xxxxx