Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MSU vs Michigan tonight

While I’m still sending waves of peace and harmony, I’m going to play with competitiveness, o.k.? Ha!

Back to my favorite sport: MSU men’s basketball.

Michigan (13-3) and Michigan State (15-4) are still even in the Big Ten with 3 wins and 2 losses.

Michigan State has won 12 of its last 13 against Michigan.

MSU is ranked #11 in the country. Michigan is unranked.

It will be a fun matchup tonight at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor.

Go Spartans!

Click on the title "MSU vs Michigan tonight" for a preview of tonight's game.

Click here for Coach Izzo's comments going into tonight's game.

1,500-800 Club - Paul Davis, above, (1,492 points, 801 rebounds) needs eight points to reach 1,500 for his career. In doing so, he will become just the second player in MSU history to record 1,500 career points and 800 career rebounds, joining Greg Kelser (2,014 points, 1,092 rebounds). Davis would also become the 31st player in Big Ten history to reach this milestone.

1/26/06 Update: Kudos to Michigan for pulling out an upset last night! MSU dominated the first half, ahead by as much as 13 points. But it was all Michigan in the second (with some help from officiating, but I'll try not to blame it all on that), and they beat us 72-67. I must say this Michigan team is stepping up. Tough loss.


Donica said...

I am missing NCAA roundball again this year! This has to come to an end. Maybe i'll just have to sign-up for ESPN online again....maybe it will work this time!!

I love seeing your suits you perfectly.

Ruth said...

Thanks, D. I'm glad you think the blog fits me. Someone else said the same thing.

I wish you could watch the games, too. I know you went through a major hassle last time with the online stream, so if you try it again, I hope it works this time.

Will you ever forget listening to the final four in the hotel lobby in Paris?? . . .

Ginnie said...

OK, so I'm gonna say it: GO BLUE! The risk I take in saying that out loud, of course, is that you may cream us, but hopefully not. WHEN WILL MICHIGAN DO ITS THING AGAIN??!!

Ginnie said...

Ohhhh! I promise not to rub it in. I'm guessing it was a nailbiter all the way for you, Ruth. I feel your pain but after so many years of MSU domination, I must say it's our turn! (Don't you think?)

Ruth said...

I will say this, Boots, I'd rather have Michigan doing well and get back to a more even rivalry, weirdly enough. (Don and Peter undoubtedly disagree with me here.)

Ginnie said...

That was the right/nice thing to say :) Thanks!