Saturday, January 21, 2006

MSU Men Annihilate Iowa

The only sport I love is MSU men's basketball. I am attached to the players. They're like family. If I miss a game, or even part of a game, I sulk.

Today we killed, I mean killed, the ranked (#23) Iowa Hawkeyes. (We're ranked #12.) The score: 88-55. That's Iowa's first Big Ten loss in four games.

This photo is of Maurice Ager, my favorite Spartan. He scored 25 points this game. Now that's elevated.

In the Big Ten MSU is now tied at 2 wins and 2 losses with Michigan and Illinois. Wisconsin is 4 and 1, Indiana and Iowa 3 and 1, and Ohio State 3 and 2. The Big Ten is the best league in the NCAA. And there are so many teams vying for top of the Big Ten, it's going to be a gripping couple of months watching them fight it out.


Ginnie said...

Are you kiddling me! UofM is in the running???? HEY! I need to start paying attention!!

Pete said...

Yeah that was an awesome game!